iTV Apple could make a TV in 2013

The iTV Apple could be a reality according to information from the Wall Street Journal . Apple work with Sharp for the design of the TV. That makes echoes previous statements to Tim Cook.

Apple CEO stated in the press that there were things to do in the field of television. The rumor of an iTV could therefore be confirmed in the coming months, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal . Prototypes widescreen HD would be studied in collaboration with Sharp and Foxconn. Thus, the new product from Apple could emerge in 2013 and give a boost to the firm which integrates a new domain. An interesting concept that would allow it to reach another segment of the population. Made in Apple TV would also benefit from all the features that can be found on other devices such as iTunes. Further information quite interesting from Jefferies, who believes that the Apple iTV could be launched in September or October 2013.

The iTV could become a reality

This year would also be responsible for some analysts as Apple announced a possible release of a low cost version of iPhone. He would find himself in the entry level with a rate of between 200 and 250 dollars. The iPad could also undergo an update at the beginning of September. Apple has so many projects and 2013 could be the year Apple. Regarding the iTV, Foxconn and Sharp collaborated for several years on the design of a television labeled with Apple. The first could not be reached and the second does not comment on this type of information.

The data transmitted by the Wall Street Journal about echo the CEO, Tim Cook. He believes he has the impression of being a good twenty years back when the television lights. This could be a new source of inspiration for the company that offers a housing connected to the Internet. The TV market is already intense since manufacturers are engaged in a real war in search of new technologies . It would still be interesting to know the vision of the Apple TV.

Guaranteed success?

A survey was interested in the will of Americans. 1568 people were interviewed by Morgan Stanely. The results highlight a rate of 47% for the iTV. Television would have a greater success than the iPad or iPhone according to experts. One in 10 people surveyed believes it would be very interested in an Apple branded model. This new TV would also take the opportunity to forecast at 13 million copies in the U.S..

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