Foursquare displays reviews from Facebook

The location-based service recommendation places extends its service to those members of Facebook.

oursquare is a step closer to Facebook. The social geolocation service will soon offer its members have linked their account with the social network can view the recommendations of their Facebook contacts.

The application to view information about a place (address, opening hours, reviews, etc.). Thus enriched "like" and publications from your friends on Facebook.

In the Explorer tab, it is possible, for example see photos posted by friends. This new feature is available on the new version of the app for iOS and Android, as well as on the Web, in the days to come.

Unlike Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, Foursquare wants less intrusive in the lives of its users. No publication will be made ​​without first obtaining the consent of the member. This should indeed tick a box for his "Check-in" or his criticism appears on Facebook.

Pinch to Zoom no longer belongs to Apple

The U.S. agency responsible for the registration of patents invalidated the patent on the Apple Pinch to zoom. This decision could affect the American justice in the war between the Apple brand to Samsung.

This is a decision that could change the situation. The U.S. Patent Office invalidated the patent on the Pinch to zoom (pinch to zoom), introduced by Apple. As its name suggests, it allows you to enlarge or reduce an image by the pinch gesture with your fingers on the screen touch . The organization is justified by explaining that the patent was too vague so that we can make a patent.

But this intellectual property was particularly emphasized during the trial that pitted the river Apple brand to Samsung in the United States last August. This rebound could therefore influence the decisions of justice, since Samsung has been found guilty of patent infringement. As such, it will pay $ 1.05 billion in damages to its competitor.


The Korean manufacturer then forwarded the case to the U.S. Patent Office to Judge Lucy Koh in charge of the case between the two giants. Samsung hopes to be able to cancel the trial, or at least reduce the amount to be paid.

Recently, the judge rejected Apple's request to ban the sale in the United States 26 products from Samsung. This softens somewhat the verdict very favorable to Apple. The Korean manufacturer believes that American jury he was very hostile at the trial which was also accused Apple of patent infringement.

YouTube trailers most views in 2012

This is a bit of a ritual at the end of the year: the giant web publish their retrospective revealing things that have marked the year on their respective platforms. Twitter and Google have published their review of the year 2012, and YouTube also with his remix of Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe , today is the famous video platform that Google publishes the trailers the most popular in 2012.

Contrary to what one might think, the first of the top 10 places are taken by films ... but video games. This is Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the blockbuster Activision, which monopolizes the first two places respectively with 35 and more than 29 million views.

The big success at the box office logically come next: the movie The Dark Knight Rises recorded more than 26 million views and the latest installment of the James Bond saga, Skyfall, more than 17 million views.

The following places are occupied by the film Ted (15 million), the film Hunger Games (12 million) and the series Revolution (9000000). The game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 occupies the 8 th and 10 seats while the film Skyfall is also very present with his 9th place and its 8 million views.

A 10-inch tablet Nokia in preparation?

The rumors are becoming more insistent. The Finnish manufacturer could have a touch pad next February at the MWC, Digitimes advance.

Nokia succumb to fashion shelves. The Finnish phone manufacturer would close Compal Electronics and Qualcomm to finalize a tablet with a screen 10 inches, reports Digitimes website. In March, the vice president of Design department had already confirmed Nokia hints at the realization of such a project.

According to sources close to the deal, Nokia had originally planned an initial production of 200,000 units equipped with a chip Snapdragon S4, the first quarter of 2012 to test the market. But his plan was somewhat cooled by the announcement of a tablet competitor, produced by his own partner Microsoft Surface.

Nokia has not changed his tune, he just pushed the development of the machine to leave the field open to the machine of his partner. The Digitimes advance and a Nokia Windows tablet stamped RT should be formalized at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which takes place from February 25 to 28 next.

Kodak sells its patents on digital photography

In bankruptcy, the photography pioneer has sold for $ 512 million 1100 patents to reassure its creditors.

The photography is finished for Kodak. The fallen giant announced Wednesday, December 19 selling a large patent portfolio auction. Since last summer, the U.S. firm currently placed under the protection of Chapter 11 bankruptcy trying to sell some of its intellectual properties to reassure its creditors.

The group and its bailout funds $ 525 million for the sale of 1,100 patents. They then pass into the hands of two companies specializing in the management of patents: RPX Corporation and Intellectual Ventures.

The new giants of the photo

In fact, behind these two groups lie the giants of high-tech that will use licenses. According to a document submitted to the court, there are including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, RIM, or Facebook on the American side. Asian manufacturers are also interested in technology Kodak, as the South Korean  Samsung  and Taiwan's HTC, Huawei Chinese, Japanese and Fujifilm.

These patents are primarily related to the capture, storage and analysis of digital images. Initially, Kodak hopes to recover $ 2.6 billion, playing card lawsuits for patent infringement, in order to raise prices. This strategy has not worked and the firm in bankruptcy has finally reached an agreement to end the ongoing actions.

After 131 years of existence, the photography pioneer filed for bankruptcy on January 19, failing to innovate at the right time. Kodak thought indeed hard as iron in the sustainable future of the film, at the expense of digital.

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