Foursquare displays reviews from Facebook

The location-based service recommendation places extends its service to those members of Facebook.

oursquare is a step closer to Facebook. The social geolocation service will soon offer its members have linked their account with the social network can view the recommendations of their Facebook contacts.

The application to view information about a place (address, opening hours, reviews, etc.). Thus enriched "like" and publications from your friends on Facebook.

In the Explorer tab, it is possible, for example see photos posted by friends. This new feature is available on the new version of the app for iOS and Android, as well as on the Web, in the days to come.

Unlike Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, Foursquare wants less intrusive in the lives of its users. No publication will be made ​​without first obtaining the consent of the member. This should indeed tick a box for his "Check-in" or his criticism appears on Facebook.

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