LeWeb 2012: SnapCar a 25% discount for 3 days

LeWeb 2012 to discover new technologies , it is also a way to get good shots. The company offers several advantages SnapCar to facilitate access for all persons wishing to travel to the event.

SnapCar is a very easy when each users can obtain a driver in Paris at any time. Simply use the Smartphone to request the services of a driver at the helm of luxury vehicles. Drivers are specially trained to meet all customer requirements. These can get into the Mercedes E Class, S Class or equivalent including everything needed to drink, newspapers or iPhone chargers.

A special discount LeWeb

During LeWeb 2012, you can test the service and enjoy many benefits. Customers will have the opportunity to access more drivers specially made ​​available to visitors of the event. If you go to conferences, you will have more chances to find a driver in a few minutes. Thus, SnapCar enjoys a 25% discount on all courses, this advantage is valid for three days of LeWeb, simply enter your reservation at the promo code LEWEB 12.

SnapCar team also invites you to discover the concept at the LeWeb event. So you can meet the players and you can get an appointment and get information including to discuss partnerships, enhancements, improvements and launch the application.

Promoting applied (25%) has already made happy. Customers who tested the service for LeWeb 2012 have been satisfied. You can move with ease for three days while enjoying a reduction attractive.

Nokia Lumia 620 launches Windows Phone 8

The Lumia 620 is thus expand the range of Nokia smartphone running the Windows Phone OS 8. The new model was announced at the event LeWeb 2012. The exterior is similar to the Nokia Lumia 920.

After a card with the Lumia 920, Nokia launches a new model, the Lumia 620. This benefit covers several colours (orange, magenta, yellow, blue, black, white, green) are interchangeable. The stripes are never visible and are designed to last over the long term. Users will appreciate the optimized grip. The manufacturer also offers ClearBlack display. Nokia has made ​​improvements on readability in direct sunlight. Enjoy your content and the range of colours in all lighting conditions. Nokia takes the OS that worked very well on the Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8). The owner of this new model can surf with Internet Explorer 10 , to store documents on SkyDrive Cloud and enjoy content from the Xbox Live. Thumbnails are updating them on the home screen, you can quickly view the latest news or on social networks.

The experience is atypical and Lumia users will find all the strengths of previous models:
  • Cinemagraph: Add animations to pictures
  • Choose the best picture among multiple captures
  • Nokia Music: Listen to all the tracks for free time
  • Nokia Explore: Discover all nearby POIs from your position
  • + Nokia Drive: navigation free roadside


The Nokia Lumia 620 offers many features that could easily satisfy consumers:
  • Windows Phone 8
  • 3.8 inch screen
  • 800 x 480
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 8 GB of internal memory
  • Micro SD
  • 7 GB of storage on the Cloud
  • Speed ​​HSPA +, HSUPA 5.7 Mbps
  • Networks: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash + autofocus +
  • Dimension: 115.4 x 61.1 x 11.02 mm
  • Weight: 127 grams
  • Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, NFC, GPS, GLONASS, micro USB, 3.5 mm audio connector
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus 1 GHz
  • Video capture: HD 720p
  • Battery: 61 hours of audio playback, 330 hours standby

The Lumia 620 comes with Nokia charger AC-50, Nokia Stereo Headset WH-108, cable CA-190CD and a 1300 mAh battery

Google launches version 2.0 of Gmail for iPhone and iPad

The Mountain View company has updated its Gmail app today for iOS with the launch of version 2.0 of the latter. The program includes a clean interface and a more significant improvement in user experience.

Something reassuring update this time seems stable, which is already a good starting point for Google after the flop and the lynching Aura undergoes its native application messaging service from its online last year - error messages at launch, it's true that the evil did not care.

Among the new features introduced include the integration and display of profile pictures in conversations, new animations and setting up a infinite scrolling for viewing emails.

Some features "time savings" are also emerging, such as auto-completion in predictive typing in a search box, but also the integration of Google Calendar (Google Calendar), including the ability to respond to Invitation from Google Calendar from your mobile or tablet. The social network of the firm has also been integrated into this new application, allowing users to assign one or his famous comments to the posts of their circles directly from Gmail service.

Finally, one of the highlights of this new version of Gmail on iOS, it is implementing functionality can no longer be requested by its users since its existence, namely support for multiple Google Accounts. From the application menu, you can now switch between five different accounts. Each registered accounts appears with its icon and notification of the number of unread messages.

As surprising as it may seem, Google has not mentioned this yet significant update on its official blog. The Mountain View giant he would hardly recognize his errors?

The social network of Microsoft SOCL opens the doors to its Beta to everyone

After a long test period more or less closed Beta, Microsoft has officially opened Tuesday the doors of the beta version of its social network based on research SOCl.

Revealed by the Redmond company a year ago , the social network was initially launched in the month of May. The concept of the latter? Provide a social network focused on research, or each user can carry out research with his friends (Bing, of course) on specific topics.

After initially open to persons invited by Microsoft employees and students - the main target of the social network - is now any owner of a Microsoft or Facebook can access SOCl, the registration process for service by seeing this condition as easy as possible.

The interface of the site was pleasantly reworked away from its very first look "Google +", pretty crowded and confusing. Now, the main features of websites appear directly top. Publication of posts has in turn been clearly highlighted and simplified by the implementation of a tool for creating complete.

The main features on it a infinite scrolling (time consuming?) On research conducted by all users of the service. A search box allows you to filter a minimum results, although the relevance of posts displayed is for the moment quite random. The latter should nevertheless be improved if the number of active users of the service was set to increase.

Hopefully at least for Microsoft, which is again in position in the backward position of the large face of all social networks and sharing platforms already exist.

LeWeb 2012: Netatmo the personal weather station connected to the net

LeWeb 2012 has opened its doors for several days of madness and information are numerous. The theme this year is in line with the revelation made ​​by a start-up, Netatmo.

It is at the 9th edition of the conference LeWeb 2012 that the start-up has revealed its new concept. Netatmo is specialized in the design of intelligent products as these stations. The theme this year is the connected objects, this product fits perfectly with the trend of the event. Therefore, the founder of Netatmo, Fred Potter presented when opening the first personal weather station is connected to the Internet. There are many functions since it can measure the quality of the air. The French start-up shared world exclusive interactive maps. These allow you to view real-time information on the quality of the air or those related to weather through a wifi connection. Using sensors that measure air quality, people sensitive to pollution and can easily adjust their output in peace.

The network is already established in more than 50 countries, Netatmo stations are all connected to the Internet. This concept thus offers a vast network of environmental sensors. The company offers a unique concept that allows real-time monitoring of the environment and climate. Stations are thus an original idea that could revolutionize our perception of the weather. Of course the product is connected to the web, so you can use with the iPhone or smartphones running Android.

All items offered is related to the climate and the environment. The box contains a USB power adapter, a USB cable, a weather station Netatmo (module inside and outside) and a mounting kit.

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