Google launches version 2.0 of Gmail for iPhone and iPad

The Mountain View company has updated its Gmail app today for iOS with the launch of version 2.0 of the latter. The program includes a clean interface and a more significant improvement in user experience.

Something reassuring update this time seems stable, which is already a good starting point for Google after the flop and the lynching Aura undergoes its native application messaging service from its online last year - error messages at launch, it's true that the evil did not care.

Among the new features introduced include the integration and display of profile pictures in conversations, new animations and setting up a infinite scrolling for viewing emails.

Some features "time savings" are also emerging, such as auto-completion in predictive typing in a search box, but also the integration of Google Calendar (Google Calendar), including the ability to respond to Invitation from Google Calendar from your mobile or tablet. The social network of the firm has also been integrated into this new application, allowing users to assign one or his famous comments to the posts of their circles directly from Gmail service.

Finally, one of the highlights of this new version of Gmail on iOS, it is implementing functionality can no longer be requested by its users since its existence, namely support for multiple Google Accounts. From the application menu, you can now switch between five different accounts. Each registered accounts appears with its icon and notification of the number of unread messages.

As surprising as it may seem, Google has not mentioned this yet significant update on its official blog. The Mountain View giant he would hardly recognize his errors?

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