LeWeb 2012: SnapCar a 25% discount for 3 days

LeWeb 2012 to discover new technologies , it is also a way to get good shots. The company offers several advantages SnapCar to facilitate access for all persons wishing to travel to the event.

SnapCar is a very easy when each users can obtain a driver in Paris at any time. Simply use the Smartphone to request the services of a driver at the helm of luxury vehicles. Drivers are specially trained to meet all customer requirements. These can get into the Mercedes E Class, S Class or equivalent including everything needed to drink, newspapers or iPhone chargers.

A special discount LeWeb

During LeWeb 2012, you can test the service and enjoy many benefits. Customers will have the opportunity to access more drivers specially made ​​available to visitors of the event. If you go to conferences, you will have more chances to find a driver in a few minutes. Thus, SnapCar enjoys a 25% discount on all courses, this advantage is valid for three days of LeWeb, simply enter your reservation at the promo code LEWEB 12.

SnapCar team also invites you to discover the concept at the LeWeb event. So you can meet the players and you can get an appointment and get information including to discuss partnerships, enhancements, improvements and launch the application.

Promoting applied (25%) has already made happy. Customers who tested the service for LeWeb 2012 have been satisfied. You can move with ease for three days while enjoying a reduction attractive.

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