The social network of Microsoft SOCL opens the doors to its Beta to everyone

After a long test period more or less closed Beta, Microsoft has officially opened Tuesday the doors of the beta version of its social network based on research SOCl.

Revealed by the Redmond company a year ago , the social network was initially launched in the month of May. The concept of the latter? Provide a social network focused on research, or each user can carry out research with his friends (Bing, of course) on specific topics.

After initially open to persons invited by Microsoft employees and students - the main target of the social network - is now any owner of a Microsoft or Facebook can access SOCl, the registration process for service by seeing this condition as easy as possible.

The interface of the site was pleasantly reworked away from its very first look "Google +", pretty crowded and confusing. Now, the main features of websites appear directly top. Publication of posts has in turn been clearly highlighted and simplified by the implementation of a tool for creating complete.

The main features on it a infinite scrolling (time consuming?) On research conducted by all users of the service. A search box allows you to filter a minimum results, although the relevance of posts displayed is for the moment quite random. The latter should nevertheless be improved if the number of active users of the service was set to increase.

Hopefully at least for Microsoft, which is again in position in the backward position of the large face of all social networks and sharing platforms already exist.

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