Microsoft: Steve Ballmer change its strategy and become a manufacturer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced new guidelines for the new company policy. Shareholders have been informed of the changes introduced with the release of the tablet surface.

Steve Ballmer has sent a letter to shareholders in which he explains the change in company strategy. The tablet surface or the next Xbox is in a different perspective. The editor of Redmond now wants to think its products by becoming a manufacturer. Microsoft undergoes a   significant change in both what we do, but also in the way we think. This new policy allows the company to obtain two divisions:

  • Equipment and services for the general public
  • Reserved services companies

The company invests in the new approach is not to the taste of some of its partners such as Nokia. Steve Ballmer continues its momentum despite the differences of opinion by stating   we will produce products mainly targeted at very specific use, as we do with Xbox or shelf space. The CEO also wants to set an example, but at no time does it encroach on the domain of its partners.

A strategy similar to Apple

The new twist is made ​​by Microsoft strategy compared to a competitor, Apple . He explains in the letter   This is a era of incredible opportunity for us and for the 8 million developers who create applications for our devices. For over 640,000 Microsoft partners around the world and, more importantly, for the people and businesses who use our products to grow at 100%. Microsoft has decided to propose technological products. This new strategy will begin with the launch of the digital pad surface. This area underwent strong growth in recent months, Microsoft has understood that it was essential to integrate the market. This will help to offset the decline in revenues due to sales of PCs.

Digits Microsoft, the Kinect at your fingertips

Newborn Microsoft Research, Digits is a prototype motion detector, much like the Kinect, but only for the hands. Equipped with an accelerometer, infrared cameras and a gyroscope, this bracelet could include high-tech use control interface for video games. As the video shows, it provides highly accurate recognition of finger movements and the transcript is also much more fluid.

Digits is the result of collaboration between the team of Microsoft's Cambridge Research and the University of Newcastle. Beyond the fact that this system will detect the movements of hands without wearing gloves, this is a first in the sense that the user does not have to be placed over a fixed sensor. This type of interface would be very useful to be combined with augmented reality glasses as Google Glass.

Coil, charger tripod for Android and iPhone

A tripod is good, but a tripod recharge our phone is better! Coil is a flexible tripod charger consists of a single wire about 60 cm long, it can charge the phone while holding steady to continue to use it. As simple tripod it frees your hands for cooking, driving or shooting scenes by wrapping your head or on any medium in height.

The iPad Mini announced on October 23?

Apple is expected to announce a priori its new product, the iPad Mini, October 23. According to All Things, the new tablet 7.85 inch should be unveiled during an invitational event at the company's headquarters.

As rightly said the editor of AllThingsD, the Cupertino obviously a little change habits for the launch event is scheduled for a Tuesday (not a Wednesday) and is a few days before the launch of the new system exploitation of Microsoft Windows 8 .

For cons, the details are very slim ... Many sources indicate that the little brother of the iPad will feature a LCD (or LCD) of 7.85 inches and a connector Lightning.

All Things is pretty accurate when it comes to predicting Apple events since the U.S. site had announced that Apple will launch the second generation of its tablet March 2, 2011.

Some component suppliers in Asia Apple had said a few days ago it has received orders for more than 10 million copies of iPad Mini for the last quarter of 2012.

The Cupertino company has, for the moment, neither announced nor shared about the iPad Mini, these are just rumors that are obviously taken with the tongs.

Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 available mid-November

While Microsoft and will officially launch Windows Phone 8 at a conference in Paris on 29 October, Nokia has announced the release dates and prices for its two new smartphones running Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 820 and the Nokia Lumia 920.

Both new devices will be available in France in mid-November 2012, a fortnight after the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Their price will be 649 euros respectively for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 499 euros for the Nokia Lumia 820. These prices are given draws "indicative" of course depending on the term used, and without subscription, but we know from experience that it is unlikely to change this at the time of availability.

The new Nokia Lumia will come with a range of dedicated accessories such as induction charger DT-900 Horizontal priced at 69.90 euros, the charger pad Fatboy DT-901 , or shells with charge induction for Lumia 820/NFC.

Lenovo becomes world's leading PC to HP

It is in a rapidly slowing sales of the PC, we have learned that Lenovo is now the world leader in terms of shipments of personal computers. For the third quarter of 2012, the market share of Lenovo was 15.7%, 2.6 points higher than the same period a year ago. Two tenths of a point to allow the Chinese company anticipates that HP's market share for Q3 2012 amounted to 15.5%, or 1.5 percentage point lower than a year ago.

The Chinese giant had experienced a meteoric rise in recent years benefiting from the growth of the Chinese market. Lenovo apotheosis in an area that is full but slow. The context is gloomy because if PC shipments last three months (Q3 2012) stood at 87.5 million, is still 8.3% below a year ago.

Some will see a transfer of power between HP and Chinese society. More than the world rankings, is the growth of the different actors that must be addressed in different geographical areas.

In the United States, HP is the market leader with 27% market share for Q3 2012, while Lenovo ranks only fourth place (8.9% market share). But there is a very sharp decline in market which accuses -13.8% drop in one year. However, among the six leading companies that sell more PCs in the United States, only Lenovo increased its sales in one year (+6.1%). The first company to limit the "breaks" with a drop of 6.1% in sales in one year is Apple.

In Europe, HP maintains the top spot even if Lenovo is close to full speed with a double-digit growth. Asia / Pacific is the world's largest market (31.3 million sales in Q3 2012). It is also down to 5.3%, a smaller decline than in other areas.

The slowdown can be largely attributed to the feverish expectation of builders and buyers operating system Windows 8 (although, strictly speaking, buyers have an indirect role in PC shipments). These delay outputs respectively of new products and their purchase. All stakeholders (except Apple of course) expect it will spark the enthusiasm and the year-end period conducive to PC purchases for the sector resumes colors. Finally, in addition to Windows 8 and any other parameter, the PC industry is in tune with the global economy growing soft or recessions in some countries.

Galaxy S3 Mini Samsung reveals features official

The Galaxy S3 Mini officially launched by Samsung. The manufacturer proposes a compact version of Galaxy S3 meets a real success. The intuitive ergonomics, performance and design of the smartphone were gathered in a smaller model.

The Galaxy S3 Mini (121.5 x 62.8 x 9.85 mm) is presented as a compact version of Galaxy S3. Samsung announces that it is possible to trace the design, intuitive ergonomics and performance in this model with a 4-inch screen. President of IT & Mobile Communications branch of Samsung Electronics, JK Shin said that "The Galaxy S3 announced a new smartphone concept, which proved to be a success in the world. We are now delighted to introduce this revolutionary design and the intuitive and intelligent as most compact Mini Galaxy S3".

A Galaxy S3 compact

Samsung seeks to offer products that meet all the demands of consumers. Demand, particularly in Europe, was strong enough for a smaller size. Thus, in terms of features, the new model embeds version 4.1 of Android (Jelly Bean). The latest operating system from Google sharing excellent graphics capabilities and rapid transitions. The set fits perfectly with the technology used by Korean.

The Galaxy S3 Mini (111.5 grams) is smaller, but the manufacturer did not overlook some features. So users can discover the voice recognition software (S Voice). This concept is quite effective, it can perform a variety of actions through voice (unlock the phone, start the music, applications, increase the volume, organize the agenda ...). Watch Smart has also been proposed. The camera follows the user's eyes, so the unit can turn off when not detecting a movement in front of the screen. Direct Call allows you to call by lifting the phone to your ear when reading a message. Smart Alert prompts the user to know the missed calls or messages when he takes the phone hands.

The S Beam (optional) offers the opportunity to share 10 MB (music) in 2 seconds. To do this, just stick the device to another brand Samsung also supports this technology.


Samsung offers users discover the characteristics Official Smartphone:

  • Network: HSPA (900/1900/2100 14.4/5.76), EDGE / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900)
  • Screen: Super AMOLED 4-inch
  • 480 × 800 pixels
  • 16 million colors
  • Dual Core 1 GHz
  • Android 4.1
  • APN: 5 megapixels, autofocus, LED flash, VGA front camera
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (optional), GPS, WiFi
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, proximity
  • 8 GB of internal memory
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • MicroSD slot to expand the memory up to 32 GB
  • Battery: Li-ion 1500 mAh

The Galaxy S3 Mini will be available in France in November. The selling price is 429 euros (without subscription).

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