Wii U: Unpacking console information and Self

The Wii U will make its appearance in the world of consoles in a few days. CEO proposes a Nintendo console unpacking for 5 minutes. The autonomy of the GamePad is revealed as well.

Wii U will be appear in the U.S. on 18 November. A few days after his arrival, an information interesting enough circulating on the web. It concerns the autonomy of the GamePad. This is quite specific because it is halfway between a controller and a tablet, it has earned the nickname mablette. Autonomy will be 5:00 and 2:30 it will take to get a full charge. Its touch screen is the cause of the fall of autonomy appears quite low. Players will still opportunity to switch to the Controller Controller Pro which has a battery life of 80 hours, it will be fully charged in 4:30.

The information has been provided by the site IGN is the editorial director of the section supports Nintendo revealed this information on his Twitter account. GamePad battery will also be reduced to 70% of its capacity after 500 charges. Players can still change the battery themselves.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Nintendo, Saturo Itawa makes a display of the console. Equipped with white gloves, he invites you to discover inside the box.

Nokia Lumia 920: corrective action taken by the camera

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a smartphone that features a camera of high quality. Reviews of this phone are unanimous. A fault has been detected, but Nokia has immediately responded that patches were under development.

The Lumia 920 too smooth his photos in normal condition. Conditions in daylight are the easiest, but the Nokia Lumia 920 shows some weaknesses at this level. This is harmless and Nokia responded immediately by providing an indication that should satisfy users who are experiencing this type of problem.

The person in charge of communications at Nokia, noted the problem and immediately responded to the reactor head. We will make adjustments for daylight. Although no date is given, but the manufacturer is aware of this problem should be corrected soon.

Nexus 7: Google offers 50 euros to owners of the 16 GB

The Nexus 7 has been available in several versions. Those who had bought the 16 GB a few days before the release of the 32 GB were somewhat exceeded. Indeed, for the same price, they would have a storage capacity greater, Google has decided to do something under certain conditions.

The Nexus 7 new version made ​​its appearance on October 29 alongside the Nexus Nexus 4 and 10. Google has made ​​a change in the price since it was sold 249 euros (16 GB) is increased to 199 euros, the new model (32 GB) was sold at 249 euros. Google has decided to donate 50 euros under certain conditions. The customer must have purchased the tablet (16 GB) on Google Play and up to 15 days before the sale of the new version. To take advantage of this offer, you must have purchased your shelf between 14 and 28 October. If both conditions are met, Google will pay you 50 euros.

You should know that the Nexus 7 8GB is not affected by this since the model has disappeared from the catalog. Customers of this version are injured and have nothing in compensation. This formula applies to all products purchased from the Google store. In the general conditions of sale, the customer can read the section entitled   Policy of protection of price on Google Play.  The company agrees to pay the difference in price if the consumer has purchased the product in the online store and the price has dropped.

Patents: HTC and Apple bury the hatchet for 10 years

HTC and Apple put an end to the war of patents. Since Saturday, the two manufacturers have reached an agreement to amicably resolve their differences. They also signed an agreement for 10 years. They can not attack during this period.

HTC and Apple were at war for several months because of patents. In the United States, many issues mentioned prosecution for violation of intellectual property. The outcome was therefore surprising since the two companies have reached an agreement amicably. Peter Chou and Tim Cook are pleased to have found a solution. This information made ​​public through a press release explains that the two companies   have reached a comprehensive agreement that includes the dismissal of all pending lawsuits and licensing agreement for a period of ten years.

HTC changes its mind

Only an amicable agreement between the two manufacturers has been mentioned. Financial terms were not disclosed. This conflict was quite old, Apple and HTC were at war for more than two years. The Cupertino company filed a complaint at the time for violating ten patents of its Smartphone , HTC then responded to a complaint stating the violation of five patents. On American soil, Apple had managed to delay the launch of One X and Evo 4G LTE. HTC did not stop at this stage, the company had to turn wished to ban iDevices. This summer, the leaders declared a settlement agreement was not considered with Apple.

The situation has evolved and HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple and HTC will focus on innovation rather than on the prosecution. For its part, Timm Cook, Apple boss also expressed his feelings, We are pleased to have reached an agreement, we remain focused on innovative products. The site The Verge questioned a spokesman for HTC. It indicates that the license agreement will not  significantly adverse impact on the finances of the company. You should know that the company had capacity resistances considered quite low. The results were not at the rendezvous and mobile account for only 4% of sales.

iPad mini: A musical battle against Microsoft Surface

The iPad mini surface and Microsoft have entered the field of shelves a few days ago. Both products were widely attracted the attention of consumers and each have advantages.

The iPad mini tablet surface and are not identical. Apple and Microsoft offer two products that can be easily adapted to customer needs. Sector tablets becoming increasingly important and many models flooding the market. Today, we will not compare the characteristics of two tablets. On the canvas, a YouTube channel proposed a video, a sort of Battle music.

The two tablets are different, but the two TV spots are the opposite. Apple has chosen to highlight a piano, but Microsoft offers a spot much more rhythmic. Dubstep has been used in this battle. A fairly specific style used by Dj Skrillex, who has made a specialty of this area. The two musical concepts are opposite and chain Laugh Pong decided to propose a battle.

Sony Xperia V: Postponed to January, it will have Jelly Bean

Sony Xperia V would see the day in France 4 th quarter. Users should also receive this Android 4.0 Smartphone. In the end, Sony has decided to postpone the release in January to incorporate Jelly Bean.

The announcement of the postponement was made ​​on the Twitter account dedicated to the Xperia range "V Xperia originally scheduled end of the year as ICS 549 euros will be available late January 2013 in JB 529 euros." The price has been lowered, mobile will not integrate Ice Cream Sandwich as it was announced at the IFA show. Consumers will therefore Jelly Bean, but it was not until the end of January. The rates shown are excluding subscription. Sony has just released its new Xperia model T. This has made ​​a remarkable entry in the affiliated since the last James Bond film, Skyfall. The manufacturer may wish to delay the launch of the Xperia V not to overshadow that of the 007.

During his presentation, the audience was able to see the features of the Xperia V which was revealed at the same time as the version T and J at the show IFA. Thus, it will have a 720p HD screen of 4.3 inches, with a work mobile SoC 1.5 GHz dual heart. A camera will be available from 13 megapixels and NFC will be present. The Xperia V is advertised as waterproof to 1 meter. You can find all the features in our dedicated section in this Xperia range.

Sony therefore choose not to leave the mobile for Christmas. The Xperia V might be due to the shadow version T. It will have to wait a few more weeks, but the client will Android Jelly Bean and prices lowered. In the end, this report is good news.

Galaxy Note 2: With the S3, they become the flagship of Samsung

The Galaxy Note 2 is widely acclaimed by consumers. This device, which is halfway between a smartphone and a tablet has sold 3 million copies since the end of September.

 The Galaxy Note 2 was the center of attention on 1 st November. Samsung revealed the figures for the number of units sold since its release. 3 million copies in a few weeks, this is a figure quite satisfactory, even if it is below that of the Galaxy S3. This became the flagship of the brand Samsung. 10 million units sold in just two months reflect the marketing craze. In all cases, the records are there since the Korean indicates that the Galaxy Note 2 should sell three times better than its predecessor in the first 3 months after its launch. Samsung had passed 2 million units of Galaxy Tab at its launch and 10 million before marketing the new version.

Flagship products of the brand

According to Samsung, these figures mean "this new product category, which we originally has finally successfully installed." The Company believes that sales in Asia, Europe and the United States are soaring. The Galaxy Note 2, however, was the center of much criticism during his presentation. With a slab large enough to 8 inches wide and 15.1 long, customers feared this magnitude. In the end, it gives a real comfort. The implementation of S Pen has also been endorsed by consumers. It is possible to hold it like a pen and the device offers a certain speed. With a quad processor, the Galaxy Note can easily manage multiple tasks.

With this success, the production of Galaxy S3 is punctuated with 200,000 units including leaving the mills per day. This smartphone is widely acclaimed and has reached the threshold of 30 million copies sold since the launch in May. With this domination, Samsung brings Apple. Society at Apple has indeed been nearly 27 million Smartphones (all models) between July and September.

Microsoft Surface: The keyboard Touch Cover is torn and the sound is chopped

Microsoft Surface is the first touch pad of society. Released October 26, she already has problems. The site The Verge witnessed the fragility of Touch Cover and sound is not really optimized.

 Microsoft Surface is available since a few days, however some users are not satisfied with the site also noted some shortcomings, Microsoft has been contacted and the company is studying the problem. The sound is pretty bad as owners have reported problems with phase switching and audio is also choppy. It is very unpleasant to use the tablet in these conditions. Currently, Microsoft is trying to find a solution, but the fault has not yet been explained. Apparently, the sound could be restored by touching the keys corresponding to volume.

Microsoft Surface is also fragile. So many users have left negative comments on forums. In each case, the problem is the same, the cover shows some weaknesses and a hole appears in the join. For now, The Guardian carried a report on these problems, the paper is not able to tell if the problem is widespread or if it involves only one lot. Currently, the defects have been observed in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both countries are affected, it should not only concern a batch. Many exchanges have been made ​​particularly in the U.S., Microsoft offers owners a free replacement keyboards Touch Cover defective.

This situation is quite problematic since the PCBs are in the open air. Have you experienced these problems?

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