Galaxy Note 2: With the S3, they become the flagship of Samsung

The Galaxy Note 2 is widely acclaimed by consumers. This device, which is halfway between a smartphone and a tablet has sold 3 million copies since the end of September.

 The Galaxy Note 2 was the center of attention on 1 st November. Samsung revealed the figures for the number of units sold since its release. 3 million copies in a few weeks, this is a figure quite satisfactory, even if it is below that of the Galaxy S3. This became the flagship of the brand Samsung. 10 million units sold in just two months reflect the marketing craze. In all cases, the records are there since the Korean indicates that the Galaxy Note 2 should sell three times better than its predecessor in the first 3 months after its launch. Samsung had passed 2 million units of Galaxy Tab at its launch and 10 million before marketing the new version.

Flagship products of the brand

According to Samsung, these figures mean "this new product category, which we originally has finally successfully installed." The Company believes that sales in Asia, Europe and the United States are soaring. The Galaxy Note 2, however, was the center of much criticism during his presentation. With a slab large enough to 8 inches wide and 15.1 long, customers feared this magnitude. In the end, it gives a real comfort. The implementation of S Pen has also been endorsed by consumers. It is possible to hold it like a pen and the device offers a certain speed. With a quad processor, the Galaxy Note can easily manage multiple tasks.

With this success, the production of Galaxy S3 is punctuated with 200,000 units including leaving the mills per day. This smartphone is widely acclaimed and has reached the threshold of 30 million copies sold since the launch in May. With this domination, Samsung brings Apple. Society at Apple has indeed been nearly 27 million Smartphones (all models) between July and September.

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