Samsung Exynos 5: 8 hearts lots of love

Since last November , we know that Samsung is preparing a surprise and we know that this will surprise a 8 core processor. And finally at the CES 2013 that the South Korean manufacturer has formalized its new chip, and therefore its Exynos 5. Just after Nvidia, Qualcomm just after just after Intel. Yes, and like them, we can say that the slut is very promising because it allows us to take advantage of 8 cores running at 1.8Ghz minimum. A real powerhouse, which portends many good things for the future.

Eight cores, a frequency of 1.8 Ghz minimum and should therefore blithely exceed 2 GHz on the next versions, it must be confessed, fleas our smartphones and our touchpads are taking precedence over the processors in our computers. So it will probably come a day when they equip our bikes. Moreover, according to rumors in recent months, it is the same question that Apple is already working on the issue , and no doubt if the bitten apple really decides to switch their machines on these chips, then competition will not fail to do so.

Exynos 5: 8-core, ARM Cortex A15 and etching 28nm

Finally, a little back to our sheep and let us look at the new Samsung chip. Apart from its many heart and frequency, we also know that it is engraved in 28nm and it is based on the ARM Cortex A15. The trick quite positive, moreover, is that the Exynos 5 will not only provide significant computing power, the chip also consumes less power than the previous generation, which should significantly improve the autonomy of mobile terminals will benefit.

And the thing is, precisely, is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should be the first smartphone to ship with the new chip, which also means that the Exynos will arrive on the market, at the latest in September 2013. Interesting and can also remember there is a small chance that the Galaxy S4 can also benefit. Mind you, there is not yet won, huh, so do not you pack too quickly either.

Android applications pirates walk on the BlackBerry App World

It is no secret that Seller's Store Play is much better stocked than the BlackBerry App World . It seems indeed that developers still have trouble trusting RIM and that is what prompted some malicious attempt to take advantage of the situation. How? Simply recovering applications on the Play Store, then converting them to our friends the BlackBerry before uploading quietly on the BlackBerry App World. Yes, and the funny thing is that your application could even be part of the lot!

It all started when a developer has received an odd request by mail, an application written by a mobile user who bought the BlackBerry version of the application . No wonder you say it is anyway lot to all developers, but where things get very funny, it's nice that our encoder was not sure porting the application to the RIM's mobile platform.

Yes, it is great fun to tell, but probably less to live. Our developer has obviously not been slow to respond and it has sent a nice letter to RIM to remove the application from BlackBerry App World. Its requirements have been met, of course, but it all the same chosen to make the case public. to prevent his friends developers. And this is where things started to get complicated, because many people are not made ​​aware that their application had suffered exactly the same fate.

Morality, if you are used to code for Android, and if you already have some applications on Play Store, then you'd better take the time to browse on the BlackBerry App World just to check if your creation is beautiful is not there. And if you find that this is the case, then know that you can simply send a mail to RIM for your application to be removed from the shop.

Well, I leave you, I have a few gigabytes of applications to recover. Oh, and if you start with Angry Birds Space?

Archos tablets launch Titanium and Platinum

Alongside its competitors, Archos also enjoy the CES 2013 to unveil five new touch pads that will enrich the range Elements: the Titanium , which come in three models, and Platinum , which is available in two models . Nice, especially as these slates are finally all audiences with diagonals ranging from 7 inches to 10.1 inches. And if we add to this the fact that they are frankly not ugly to look at, then we say that they could attract a lot of people. They especially enjoy a price positioning quite interesting.

Level design, these new tablets are approaching and what we see in competition, especially on the side of the bitten apple. Enjoying a beautiful aluminum shell, they are rather pleasing to the eye and they seem better bill than previous models. Remember also that this is a criticism that has often been made ​​to Archos and it would seem that the manufacturer has finally decided to go ahead. Good for him and good for those who will love these new tablets.

On their technical characteristics, know that all models offer more or less the same thing. The Titanium benefit and a dual-core processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz while we find quad-core chip clocked at 1.2 Ghz in Platinum with a Mali 400 GPU to top it off. RAM, turn, turn around 1GB of RAM and the rest of the specifications is not yet known. If it is storage space that should be around 8 GB with a microSD slot behind. Not very cool, of course, but the positive point is that these models is already online, so you can go and see what's going on by visiting the official website of Archos .

Is obviously to evoke screens. Side of Titanium, one can choose between the 7-inch (1024 × 768) , the 9.7-inch (2048 × 1536) and 10.1-inch (1280 × 720) . All with these rates: € 169, € 249 or € 300. In contrast, for the Platinum, there will be a choice between two models. The first with a screen 8 inches (1024 × 768) , the second with a screen of 9.7 inches (2048 × 1536) and prices ranging from € 199 to € 329.

Finally, we can say that all these tablets coming onto the market from March.

Samsung prototype flexible smartphone screen

Contrary to what its detractors say, Samsung still does not copy its neighbor. No, and it happens often even the firm to innovate by offering original and not suffering from any real competition. We think in particular the range rating. Yes exactly, imagine that the South Korean manufacturer has introduced a strange device during CES 2013 , a device that comes in the form of a smartphone boarding an OLED flexible. Interesting, but the best is yet to come as the guys The Verge had the opportunity to take the beast in hand and they have so little opportunity to shoot a video ...

Much to tell you right now, if you wait to long specifications, you may be disappointed because we know nothing of this prototype. At the same time, if we knew the complete data sheet, it would not be a prototype. The only information known is that it features a OLED flexible offering 720p resolution type.

A screen that is quite interesting and very well highlighted in the video you find below. At first glance, the prototype presented by Samsung like any smartphone , but suffice it to tilt slightly to the side to realize that it is not. And for good reason, as this screen does not just cover the front of the unit, it pays the luxury overflow slightly on its border. Almost as if someone had horny, or as if its owner had the bad idea to sit on.

Well, have to admit, this prototype is not revolutionary, but I can not help but think that these flexible displays are only their infancy . Within a few years, when they will be democratized, I think they could give life to the very original concepts. So we can only wonder what will the mobile future.

Free Mobile: One year of war

Free Mobile will celebrate its first anniversary. The opportunity for Xavier Niel, founder of Free to review and discuss its regrets.

Thursday, January 10, Free Mobile celebrate its first birthday. In one year, the new operator has changed the landscape of telephony mobile. With its revolutionary packages, Free Mobile has nearly 5 million customers. All competitors were then forced cons-attack, offering also offers low-cost. This is the case of Sosh, B & You or Red, the respective subsidiaries of Orange, Bouygues and SFR.

"We could have done better!" is exclaimed Xavier Niel, founder of Free Mobile, in an interview with Le Figaro. He remains proud of: "created jobs and have done a great service to the poor by lowering prices".

The State of War

It has only one regret: "Do not be convinced that the French mobile subsidized cost, ultimately, more expensive than a mobile bought naked without a subscription."  Moreover, Free Mobile has launched a lawsuit against SFR unfair competition, to denounce such "credit disguised" behind mobile subsidies.

If Free Mobile has been repeatedly criticized the contractor rather see this confrontation on the right side. "It is never as good as when attacked, says Xavier Niel. Our ego is affected at the moment, but subscriptions explode. Established players do not like this state of war, but true entrepreneurs will feel at home. This is what drives them to excel."

In reality, there is no only its direct competitors are the target of attacks by Xavier Niel. Recently, Free is also on a crusade against Google, to challenge its hegemony over the internet. The operator was blocked by default advertisements via the latest update of its Freebox. The year 2013 will be another year of war.

Google offers free Wi-Fi in New York

The Mountain View giant has installed Wi-Fi in a neighborhood south of New York. More than 100,000 residents will benefit free of Internet up to 10 Mbps.

In a burst of generosity, Google has offered Wi-Fi to residents of a neighborhood in New York. The network was launched on Tuesday during a press conference organized by the municipality of the city. In particular it covers the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. This is also where we find the offices of Google.

"This area can now boast of being the first in Manhattan to have a Wi-Fi outside totally free", said Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of the city, hoping that New York will one day become "the global technology center."  In total, nearly 100,000 New Yorkers who benefit from Wi-Fi Internet free way for at least two years and at a rate between 5 and 10 Mbps.

A Stunt

In fact, Google is not the only finance the operation. He is the one who will hand over the pocket by paying $ 15,000 to build the infrastructure and $ 45,000 per year for maintenance, the rest will be paid by a local association to promote the development of the district. However, Google said it had no intention at the moment to extend the project to other areas.

This experiment is surely a promotional campaign for the group. Google has actually embark offers Internet access through fiber optics. The group is also currently being tested in Kansas City, where he already has a flow rate of 1 Gbps, which is 100 more than the other operators in the region. In this city, it has also offered free internet access with 5 Mbps rate. New York could be the second city network test Google.

10 BlackBerry Apps Challenge, A your votes!

We had announced last year the launch of BlackBerry 10 Android Challenge . The best five applications were selected. More than 100 applications have android postulated in this contest organized by RIM and 5 were selected.
  • Arcade and Action: Open Sea! The Pixelizers
  • News and Magazines: Mobiles Republic News Republic of AND
  • Lifestyle: Wine secretary
  • Sports: Foot Info Marseille Cyril Bosselut

These applications will be available on BlackBerry 10 right out of the new OS at the end of January.

A special mention was also given to applications: Extreme Droid Jump, Android System Info, Minetower, Sheets Tray physical application of conjugation, Hopla, Snap Meme, RomeTracker, LondonTracker, BarceloneTracker, iReveilPro2, Settei, Tips Calculator, Beem, astroid , memory game for children, Tux Memory Game JBMM News, Motorcycle Permit Revision, UPPA Hyperplanning, Student Life, Appy Gamer, Sport Republic, Glamlife, TFC info, info Lille, PSG info, Larousse and Fitness Abs!

Racist Tweets: The controversy swells, Flower Pellerin reacts

Faced with the refusal to Twitter to denounce the perpetrators of racist and anti-Semitic, the Minister of Digital Economy involved in the case.

Twitter is still reluctant to make the accusation. Tuesday, January 8, the social network has been heard at a hearing referred to the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris (TGI). The site Miccro-blogging has indeed been sued in November by the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) and the Association J'accuse - international action for justice, after the multiplication of anti-Semitic messages containing the hashtags and unbonjuif unjuifmort.

However, site representatives reported that Twitter refuses to communicate the data to identify the perpetrators of racist or anti-Semitic tweets without the consent of American justice.

The Minister for the Digital Economy, Flower Pellerin then responded to the controversy. "Twitter has opened a sales office in France and probably wants to settle in Europe, so I think they have an interest in s adapt legal cultures and philosophical and ethical countries in which they wish to develop," said the minister during a interview on LCI.

Ongoing negotiations

Flower Pellerin added that the government was currently in discussions with officials and Twitter that they were quite "receptive." "The difficulty we face today is that we are dealing with a company that has its headquarters in the United States, where the concept of freedom of expression may be more extensive and therefore we need to find a middle ground", the French Minister continued. "All this is part of a negotiation in more than a legal battle", she insisted.

Especially in France, there is a real gap in the law on this point. The data being collected and stored overseas, Twitter is theoretically subject to U.S. laws. "Should I obey the law of different countries where I work? I do not know", launched yesterday by counsel for Twitter, at the hearing.

PaperTab, flexible tablet of the future

On the occasion of the largest exhibition of consumer electronics, Intel introduced a tablet revolution, the PaperTab. It has the distinction of being completely flexible and be almost as thin as paper.

Intel introduced the tablet of the future at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The PaperTab looks like a camera almost as thin as a sheet of paper. The machine has a screen of 10.7 inches using electronic ink and an Intel i5 Sandy Bridge.

For now, the baby conceived by Intel, the Queen's University in Canada and the British company Plastic Logic is a prototype, but has been able to show what he could do in a video. The development team says his initial goal was to mimic the feel of the paper on a sturdy product, lightweight and flexible.

Thus, to send an e-mail, simply fold one corner of the screen, while with a gesture of the hand, it will be possible to scroll through pages or move in a video. The PaperTab also focuses on the interaction with other dogs. For example, a simple contact between two shelves will send content from one device to another or to set up a multi-screen system.

Intel has yet to release a date for its marketing, or its price. It has yet to finalize its product. The manufacturer shall in particular include a processor and a flexible battery in his PaperTab.

CES 2013: The best in Sony Xperia Z

The CES 2013 has allowed the public to discover the Xperia Z, which is advertised as captivating. This new high-end smartphone manufacturer offers several interesting features because it is resistant to water.

Xperia Z works with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro will be available from February 19, but the fans were able to discover technology at CES 2013. The smartphone provides a high gloss screen that has a quality unmatched "The image is larger than life." Everything that appears on this screen rugged, waterproof 5 inch HD Reality Display (1080 x 1920 pixels) comes to life. It is coupled with a Mobile Bravia Engine 2 and offers an exceptional record. Sony also wanted to provide other quality features like a 13 megapixel camera. It is equipped with a sensor Exmor RS. Users are invited to make very beautiful pictures and record movies even if the conditions are not optimized. All will be shared easily with One Touch functions.

A slim Smartphone

Xperia Z provides unusual design with rounded contours. Surfaces are smooth and reflective as the rear and front faces offer glass. Quality materials were used because the volume buttons and feed are aluminum. Both sides of the Smartphone are tempered glass. The whole thus provides some robustness, Sony also shares a phone slim layer since air has been removed. Tactile sensitivity is higher and you will have a thickness of 7.9 mm. You should know that Sony sells a product dustproof and water. Even after 30 minutes immersed in water, the smartphone works perfectly. Thanks to IP 55 and IP57 index, you can easily use it in the rain. Cleaning is also effective and your Smartphone will follow you everywhere even in the pool.

The general characteristics

Xperia Z offers a weight of 146 grams with dimensions of 139 x 71 x 7.9 mm. Sony invites you to discover:
  • An autonomy of 11 hours (conversation), 550 hours (standby)
  • Android 4.1
  • 16x digital zoom
  • Flash / LED
  • Geolocation
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • NFC
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Up to 16GB storage
  • Micro SD up to 32 GB
  • LTE
  • Wifi
  • Glonass
  • Micro-USB, USB
  • Availability: 19 February
  • Colours: White, black and purple

MSN Messenger is closing March 15

Announced by Microsoft last October, closing the service Windows Live Messenger has been confirmed by The Messenger Team. Users will migrate to Skype.

It's the end of an era. That of MSN Messenger, more recently called Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft announced in October the end of service on March 15. This time it is the development team, "The Messenger Team" just formalize the end of the IM in a statement.

Microsoft wants to actually replace MSN Messenger Skype, a similar service that he bought in 2011 for $ 8.5 billion. The Redmond company intends to leverage its acquisition well. From March 15, the Live Messenger will no longer be active, except in China. Users will need to install Skype, but can still use their username MSN or Microsoft to find all their contacts about this program.

Currently, there are 100 million Windows Live Messenger accounts. But whether many will remain active. If MSN was a reference to the early 2000s, it was quickly abandoned after the advent of social networks, including Facebook. Only Skype has been very popular in the world thanks to its VoIP service quality. A partnership with Facebook is even considered to integrate voice calls social network.

A Low-Cost iPhone in the works?

Apple in China prepare a device more affordable for developing countries. Planned for the second half of 2013, it should cost less than $ 150.

Faced with Samsung flooding the market its devices, Apple would have reacted. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Apple brand iPhone prepare entry level for the second half of 2013. According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple would be in his cartoons an iPhone with a larger screen, to meet the current trend. However, this new device would be one smartphone "low-cost".

These two details in contradiction, since generally produce a larger screen causes additional costs. However, the newspaper economic, Apple would use less expensive components. Thus, the shell is made of polycarbonate instead of aluminum.

Emerging Markets

This new range of devices allow the firm to Cupertino to conquer emerging markets, where prices remain an obstacle to the democratization of brand products.

According to Digitimes, this shift in strategy resulting from the success of the iPad mini in China, thanks to its more affordable for the middle class in China. For its part, the very serious agency Bloomberg argues that this low-cost smartphone at between 99 and 149 dollars. Obviously, all these rumors are information that must be taken with a grain of salt.

Audi unveils its first 4G LTE model with free navigation and augmented reality

The connected car is not really a novelty, and Audi has already shown its leadership in this area several years ago with the latest versions of A8 and A6 rooms that include a 3G connection and integration of Google Earth the GPS navigation system. The other manufacturers like BMW or Ford, are also advanced the integration of digital technologies and Web board.

At the CES held in Las Vegas this week, Audi takes another step forward with the unveiling of a new version of the Audi A3 has a 4G LTE connection, synonymous with mobile broadband. With speeds up near 100 megabits per second, the system Audi Connect adds features such as onboard WiFi hotspot to connect up to eight mobile devices (which is a lot for a 4 seats), radio internet, web services and especially a GPS navigation system augmented reality that this imaging type "street view" in real time flows.

Only hope that the new Audi MMI infotainment module / MMX slightly improved in terms of ergonomics and ease of use, because the address input to the wheel letter by letter with the current system is just unbearable and voice control works so badly that one renounces quickly to use for anything other than the directory telephone (and again ...). This remark is also valid for most automakers, who charge exorbitant prices for option navigation and multimedia usability catastrophic, even dangerous, while it has the same ... for free or for a few handfuls of euros on our smartphones and tablets. So much so that motorists urged preferred to use a free app like Waze on their iPhone or Android to be guided to an address that will be entered in a few seconds, than wasting 10 minutes to enter the same address on the integrated 3000 euros in his car ...

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