Free Mobile: One year of war

Free Mobile will celebrate its first anniversary. The opportunity for Xavier Niel, founder of Free to review and discuss its regrets.

Thursday, January 10, Free Mobile celebrate its first birthday. In one year, the new operator has changed the landscape of telephony mobile. With its revolutionary packages, Free Mobile has nearly 5 million customers. All competitors were then forced cons-attack, offering also offers low-cost. This is the case of Sosh, B & You or Red, the respective subsidiaries of Orange, Bouygues and SFR.

"We could have done better!" is exclaimed Xavier Niel, founder of Free Mobile, in an interview with Le Figaro. He remains proud of: "created jobs and have done a great service to the poor by lowering prices".

The State of War

It has only one regret: "Do not be convinced that the French mobile subsidized cost, ultimately, more expensive than a mobile bought naked without a subscription."  Moreover, Free Mobile has launched a lawsuit against SFR unfair competition, to denounce such "credit disguised" behind mobile subsidies.

If Free Mobile has been repeatedly criticized the contractor rather see this confrontation on the right side. "It is never as good as when attacked, says Xavier Niel. Our ego is affected at the moment, but subscriptions explode. Established players do not like this state of war, but true entrepreneurs will feel at home. This is what drives them to excel."

In reality, there is no only its direct competitors are the target of attacks by Xavier Niel. Recently, Free is also on a crusade against Google, to challenge its hegemony over the internet. The operator was blocked by default advertisements via the latest update of its Freebox. The year 2013 will be another year of war.

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