Samsung prototype flexible smartphone screen

Contrary to what its detractors say, Samsung still does not copy its neighbor. No, and it happens often even the firm to innovate by offering original and not suffering from any real competition. We think in particular the range rating. Yes exactly, imagine that the South Korean manufacturer has introduced a strange device during CES 2013 , a device that comes in the form of a smartphone boarding an OLED flexible. Interesting, but the best is yet to come as the guys The Verge had the opportunity to take the beast in hand and they have so little opportunity to shoot a video ...

Much to tell you right now, if you wait to long specifications, you may be disappointed because we know nothing of this prototype. At the same time, if we knew the complete data sheet, it would not be a prototype. The only information known is that it features a OLED flexible offering 720p resolution type.

A screen that is quite interesting and very well highlighted in the video you find below. At first glance, the prototype presented by Samsung like any smartphone , but suffice it to tilt slightly to the side to realize that it is not. And for good reason, as this screen does not just cover the front of the unit, it pays the luxury overflow slightly on its border. Almost as if someone had horny, or as if its owner had the bad idea to sit on.

Well, have to admit, this prototype is not revolutionary, but I can not help but think that these flexible displays are only their infancy . Within a few years, when they will be democratized, I think they could give life to the very original concepts. So we can only wonder what will the mobile future.

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