Samsung Exynos 5: 8 hearts lots of love

Since last November , we know that Samsung is preparing a surprise and we know that this will surprise a 8 core processor. And finally at the CES 2013 that the South Korean manufacturer has formalized its new chip, and therefore its Exynos 5. Just after Nvidia, Qualcomm just after just after Intel. Yes, and like them, we can say that the slut is very promising because it allows us to take advantage of 8 cores running at 1.8Ghz minimum. A real powerhouse, which portends many good things for the future.

Eight cores, a frequency of 1.8 Ghz minimum and should therefore blithely exceed 2 GHz on the next versions, it must be confessed, fleas our smartphones and our touchpads are taking precedence over the processors in our computers. So it will probably come a day when they equip our bikes. Moreover, according to rumors in recent months, it is the same question that Apple is already working on the issue , and no doubt if the bitten apple really decides to switch their machines on these chips, then competition will not fail to do so.

Exynos 5: 8-core, ARM Cortex A15 and etching 28nm

Finally, a little back to our sheep and let us look at the new Samsung chip. Apart from its many heart and frequency, we also know that it is engraved in 28nm and it is based on the ARM Cortex A15. The trick quite positive, moreover, is that the Exynos 5 will not only provide significant computing power, the chip also consumes less power than the previous generation, which should significantly improve the autonomy of mobile terminals will benefit.

And the thing is, precisely, is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 should be the first smartphone to ship with the new chip, which also means that the Exynos will arrive on the market, at the latest in September 2013. Interesting and can also remember there is a small chance that the Galaxy S4 can also benefit. Mind you, there is not yet won, huh, so do not you pack too quickly either.

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