MSN Messenger is closing March 15

Announced by Microsoft last October, closing the service Windows Live Messenger has been confirmed by The Messenger Team. Users will migrate to Skype.

It's the end of an era. That of MSN Messenger, more recently called Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft announced in October the end of service on March 15. This time it is the development team, "The Messenger Team" just formalize the end of the IM in a statement.

Microsoft wants to actually replace MSN Messenger Skype, a similar service that he bought in 2011 for $ 8.5 billion. The Redmond company intends to leverage its acquisition well. From March 15, the Live Messenger will no longer be active, except in China. Users will need to install Skype, but can still use their username MSN or Microsoft to find all their contacts about this program.

Currently, there are 100 million Windows Live Messenger accounts. But whether many will remain active. If MSN was a reference to the early 2000s, it was quickly abandoned after the advent of social networks, including Facebook. Only Skype has been very popular in the world thanks to its VoIP service quality. A partnership with Facebook is even considered to integrate voice calls social network.

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