What Facebook updates look like in real life?

Facebook has managed to attract over the years, hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Everyone, or almost, now has an account on the popular social network and it is all the more ironic that it is often pointed to its policy of privacy. The creative ExtremelyDecentFilms were well placed at the top of translating updates of the service in real life, and the result is a funny video, sarcastic and should brighten up your Tuesday morning. Because, well, the beginning of the week, it is not easy for anyone, huh.

Facebook plays a low profile for a few months now. At a time not so long ago, when the department deployed an update, this was almost always at the expense of our private data, data that had the tendency to end up in the public domain. Now, so things have changed, but nothing says that the giant will not put the cover at one time or another.

In fact, the heart of the problem is that people do not always pay attention to the data they share in the service. They like a book, they say. They like a movie, as they say. They do not support their colleagues or their boss, they do not hide and they do not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops. In the end, therefore, Facebook knows everything about them. What they think, what they are and how they interact with their friends or even with family members. The worst of the story is that they do knowingly and they are all very happy to offer the world a look into their private lives and their aspirations.

This applies to Facebook, of course, but also for any social network and this parody video does not lack humor, it also allows us to see things from a completely different angle. For indeed, if Facebook crossed the threshold of our screen and landed in real life, then our lives would look like probably no harm in our lives that poor guy on his way home and falling nose-to-nose on the emissary American giant.

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