ZTE Nubia Z7: towards a 6.3 inch screen?

If we are to believe the rumors came straight from Asia, while ZTE may soon launch a new smartphone that is positioned on the same area as the range of Samsung Note. The ZTE Nubia Z7 is the name of this phone, and benefit from a screen of 6.3 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 . Can you imagine? The same resolution as a 27-inch iMac, but on a 6 inch screen and bananas. Pretty impressive, and also know that the rest of the technical characteristics of the beast is supposed to exactly the same order.

According to this noise corridor, ZTE Nubia Z7 could hit very hard with 8 cores processor, Mali-T658 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 128GB of storage space and a sensor of 16 megapixels to top it all . I do not know if you follow closely everything that comes onto the market of mobile phones, but if these specifications are correct then the Z7 Nubia would be required as the most powerful smartphone sector. At least at the moment.

However, with such screen resolution such and such a processor, we can ask whether the autonomy of the terminal will be sufficient. It seems that ZTE had planned the coup as the Z7 Nubia could enjoy a 4000 mAh battery . Again, unless I am mistaken, this is the first mobile to have such a battery. I do not know what you think, but in my case, I still have eyes that shine.

Is obviously the question of the embedded platform. Again, the ZTE Nubia Z7 would benefit from very strong since the next version of Android , and therefore 5.0. Version should tumble in the coming months and that we should talk very quickly. After going back to mobile, you still not too excited because even though there, nothing says it will hit the European market.

Apple: no iPhone Low Cost

On the sidelines of CES madness, a crazy rumor appeared on the Internet: that of an iPhone Low Cost, to reach all consumers. Every year it's the same thing, the rumors speaking of iPhone cheaper than the original. And every year, no low cost iPhone is presented by the Cupertino company.

And this year is no exception to the rule. Indeed, while rumors were more persistent on the appearance of a cheaper iPhone, Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing for the firm at the apple, rumors swept with a wave of hand. In an interview in Shanghai Evening News, the man is adamant. There will be no iPhone Low cost. ever.

I said it. If you want a cheaper than iPhone 5, turn instead to the older models ...

GIGABYTE presents its Windows 8 ultrabooks

CES is over soon. But this is not a reason for manufacturers not to unveil their new products. GIGABYTE advantage of the room to reveal four laptops in Windows 8, so two convertible tablets.

Firstly, there is the S1185. adjustable Tablet on a keyboard , it will be perfect for those who love both versatile play that using a tablet PC. With a Full HD IPS display of 11.6 inches, the S1185 features an Intel Core 3rd generation with customizable configurations. On the shelf, we find HDMI and VGA, and the tablet comes with a keyboard for use magnetic type PC.

GIGABYTE also presented the U2142 an Ultrabook convertible tablet by rotating the screen of 11.6 inches. He also works with an Intel Core 3rd generation with customizable features for purchase. It also comes in two versions, one SSD (up to 256GB) and HDD (up to 1TB), all in 1.5 kg (1.4 kg for the SSD version). A true Ultrabook, therefore, that can be converted into tablet envy.

At the same time, GIGABYTE has unveiled version Ultrabook Pure U2142, U2442 on. It is equipped with an Intel Core 3rd generation again with customizable settings and a graphic card NVidia Geforce GT 70 M or GT 650 M. With a 11.3 inch screen, it allows you to play while having the weight (1.6 or 1.7 kg depending on model SSD or HDD) and the thickness of a Ultrabook (2 cm). GIGABYTE says he specially designed the air extraction system to minimize heat and noise, and hope that it is effective in the long run. It may be a load of 128 GB SSD or HDD 750 GB or 1 TB

Finally, GIGABYTE has unveiled its purely laptop gamer, the P2742G. 17 inches, a PC with a processor Intel Core i7 processor and GTX 660M GDDR5 NVidia 2GB. It can carry a total hard drive up to 2TB, so you do not have a space problem when you download a ton of games purchased during the sales Steam. Last thing, it will be available in black, but also for fans of Orange colors.

4 PC for 4 different uses so that should satisfy everyone. However, GIGABYTE did not release pricing or release dates for its machines.

gMUSIC, Google Music on Windows 8

Google Music is a cool service that allows you to buy or synchronize all the music of your choice. All with a few clicks and without taking the lead. The interest of the platform is that it is then possible to find all his music library on any device, and therefore his computer, smartphone or tablet touch her. But now, you're on Windows 8 and you'd like to enjoy a dedicated customer. Be happy, dear friends, since there is obviously an app for that, an application called gMUSIC and works on both Windows 8 on Windows Pro RT.

As mentioned in the data sheet of the application gMUSIC actually taste good to support x86, x64 and ARM. Very practical, so you can also enjoy it on your computer on your touchpad hybrid. Here, it will run even on a Microsoft Surface and it is precisely for this reason that this tool may become essential for many people.

Concerning the functions of the application, and well aware that it does not hurt things. It will allow you to search for artists and albums, of course, but it will also give you the ability to play your tracks and playlists in stride. The interface includes of course the visual identity of Modern UI and it will draw even part of the "Charm Bar" to enable you to find or to more easily share your content. Class at international, so. Why the international? Just because gMUSIC's all in English, and I could perhaps tell me before also.

In addition, you need to know is that gMUSIC is completely free. Be careful though because the application contains advertising. And if you want to get rid of it, it will subscribe to the pack "Add Free" you will be charged $ 1.99. The greediest of you may also opt for a second pack, the "Ultimate", which will be charged $ 4.99 but you will have free access to all features and future updates to the application.

Nokia Lumia and Asha sell better than expected

Nokia could go back in the race with its Lumia and Asha range which totaled 13.7 million sales in three months.

Since the advent of the smartphone, Nokia began its slow decline. He was the leader of mobile phones for 14 long years with the phones features (conventional phones), before being surpassed by Samsung in 2012.

However, the Finnish manufacturer has changed its strategy last October. It has launched its new range of smartphones Lumia and Asha range for emerging countries, both in Windows Phone. And provided preliminary results for the 4th quarter, this tactic would bear fruit.

Net sales division "Devices & Services" reached nearly 3.9 billion euros. Thus, the group has sold more than 86.3 million phones, including 13.7 million smartphones. Of these, Nokia has sold 9.3 million units and 4.4 million Asha Lumia. These results have exceeded the expectations of Nokia which therefore welcomes the good sales.

If we are still very far from the figures of Apple and Samsung, Nokia Windows Phones seem to meet with some success. According to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft would even these smartphones already out of stock in "some places around the world." But for the moment, Windows Phone only about 3.5% of market share in the world. It is still far from the 20% estimated by analysts in 2013.

Google accused of "trade diversion"

According to the European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, the Web giant of abusing its dominant position. He put forward its own services over those of its competitors.

Google will show your credentials before the European Commission. In an interview published on Friday 11 January by the Financial Times, Joaquin Almunia, European Commissioner for competition doubts about the practices of Google.

Its search engine , which generates 90% of research is indeed suspected to highlight priority Google services to the detriment of its competitors. The Mountain View giant and is the target of an investigation by the European authorities for several months.

"We are continuing our investigation, but my belief is that they divert traffic, said Joaquin Almunia. they monetize this type of service, they have a strong position in the general market research and I am afraid that is not only dominant position but also an abuse of that dominant position".

Bleached to States

However, this opinion is not shared by all. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. trade policeman, Google blanked, ending an investigation that began in 2011.

The company has fared with the commitments it must comply under penalty of prosecution. This includes the use of its advertising platform and its patents obtained after the acquisition of Motorola. In Europe, Google will present its concessions to the European Commission this month.

HTC M7 launch next month?

It must be decided upon, the HTC M7 will probably not introduced at CES 2013. It felt hard as iron, yet, but the South Korean automaker seems to have decided to take his time. Mind you, it is understood, the ads tend to get lost in the din of the show. Too much information kills information. However, if one believes GizChina, then the HTC M7 could be announced sooner than we think: it would be unveiled next month, or at the MWC 2013, during a conference dedicated.

Then of course, the information should be taken with a grain of salt since it is, for the moment, only a rumor as we see often go on the web. No official source has reported the release or the launch of HTC M7 and it will eventually wait a few weeks before we see more clearly whether and before GizChina was right.

Towards a battle M7 HTC / Samsung Galaxy S4?

After that, what is certain is that the next may be particularly loaded. There is the HTC M7 should not arrive soon, but this is not the only motive that we should bestow his presence as is also talk that Samsung enjoys early this year to formalize its Galaxy S4, a Galaxy S4 should be submitted by the manufacturer somewhere between the MWC and May. HTC, meanwhile, has an interest not to wait too long if it does not want his M7 is found in front of this monster popularity. When you see the sales volume of the previous models, we say that this is really not in his interest.

As a reminder and if you're too lazy to look around, it may be recalled that the HTC M7 should include a screen of 4.7 inches with a resolution of type FullHD 1080p, quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM, one 13 megapixel sensor, the latest version of Jelly Bean and the latest version of HTC Sense. On paper, so we end up characteristics quite similar to those of the Xperia Z. It is therefore understandable why the M7 is eagerly awaited.

Apple does not work on an iPhone "low cost"

Since the beginning of the week , we hear of several U.S. sites that Apple could launch at the end of the year an iPhone "low cost" for emerging markets. Bloomberg was even further by saying that the iPhone would be sold between $ 99 and $ 149 , not one euro more. Incredible, as they say, but we all-of-knowing that Phil Schiller has spoken on the issue. And we can say that his statements are very clear since the man said that the firm was working absolutely not a product of this type. That way, at least it is fixed.

We can also specify that the boyfriend Philou not been with the back of the spoon as an iPhone even said "low cost", or even cheap, will see ever day. NEVER HEAR YOU! According to him, Apple is not like any other business, and it has absolutely no need to get a cheaper product to attract consumers. Better still, it has even run a small spike Samsung stating that the bitten apple was not these firms are launching multiple products at once.

Enchainer and then on an economic argument quite interesting. Phil actually said because Apple had only 20% market share in the mobile market, and more specifically on the area of smartphones, and even though the firm totaled alone, 75% of profits segment. In other words, Apple has absolutely no need to launch an iPhone "low cost" as the current models it is plenty. Finally, Phil noted that the choice of the best technology and the best materials, was precisely what allowed Apple to become a major player in the sector.

I would like to say that I am surprised by these statements, but we can not say that this is really the case, since I have never believed in this rumor. And if I think your actions on Twitter / Google+, it seems that I am not alone in this case. Therefore damage to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Digitimes and Bloomberg.

Google: a "Chrome Beta Channel" for Android

Is a story that should please all those who have a terminal Android home. Google has actually announced through one of its official blogs arrival of a "Chrome Beta Channel" on Play the store and thus Android . What does that mean? Just that you will have the opportunity to test all the new future versions of Chrome before anyone else, and without rotting your system. Just like Windows, just like Mac OS, but Android. And this is still a very good news, right?

The idea is quite simple. Play on the Store, you will now find a new application called Chrome Beta  and, as its name indicates, will allow you access to beta versions of the popular browser. The interesting thing is that this application will not replace your regular Chrome, so you can use both at the same time without any problems. Just like Chrome Canary, for those who know.

In this version, for example, it appears that improvements are numerous. The Chrome Beta benefit thus better performance and also bear many new HTML5 , including CSS Filters . So of course, requires beta, not everything will work maybe not with onions, some bugs are to be expected, but that you will at least have an idea of what will happen in Google. Moreover, if one believes the reviews left by users who tested the application, it seems that Chrome Beta works pretty well.

The trick, of course, is that you will never disembark this application on the AppStore. And yes, because it is still very surprising that the teams in charge of the shop validate an application in beta encoded by a competitor. Morality, if you have an iPhone and you absolutely want to test Chrome Beta, you will have no choice but to go to the other side of the fence.

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