Google: a "Chrome Beta Channel" for Android

Is a story that should please all those who have a terminal Android home. Google has actually announced through one of its official blogs arrival of a "Chrome Beta Channel" on Play the store and thus Android . What does that mean? Just that you will have the opportunity to test all the new future versions of Chrome before anyone else, and without rotting your system. Just like Windows, just like Mac OS, but Android. And this is still a very good news, right?

The idea is quite simple. Play on the Store, you will now find a new application called Chrome Beta  and, as its name indicates, will allow you access to beta versions of the popular browser. The interesting thing is that this application will not replace your regular Chrome, so you can use both at the same time without any problems. Just like Chrome Canary, for those who know.

In this version, for example, it appears that improvements are numerous. The Chrome Beta benefit thus better performance and also bear many new HTML5 , including CSS Filters . So of course, requires beta, not everything will work maybe not with onions, some bugs are to be expected, but that you will at least have an idea of what will happen in Google. Moreover, if one believes the reviews left by users who tested the application, it seems that Chrome Beta works pretty well.

The trick, of course, is that you will never disembark this application on the AppStore. And yes, because it is still very surprising that the teams in charge of the shop validate an application in beta encoded by a competitor. Morality, if you have an iPhone and you absolutely want to test Chrome Beta, you will have no choice but to go to the other side of the fence.

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