gMUSIC, Google Music on Windows 8

Google Music is a cool service that allows you to buy or synchronize all the music of your choice. All with a few clicks and without taking the lead. The interest of the platform is that it is then possible to find all his music library on any device, and therefore his computer, smartphone or tablet touch her. But now, you're on Windows 8 and you'd like to enjoy a dedicated customer. Be happy, dear friends, since there is obviously an app for that, an application called gMUSIC and works on both Windows 8 on Windows Pro RT.

As mentioned in the data sheet of the application gMUSIC actually taste good to support x86, x64 and ARM. Very practical, so you can also enjoy it on your computer on your touchpad hybrid. Here, it will run even on a Microsoft Surface and it is precisely for this reason that this tool may become essential for many people.

Concerning the functions of the application, and well aware that it does not hurt things. It will allow you to search for artists and albums, of course, but it will also give you the ability to play your tracks and playlists in stride. The interface includes of course the visual identity of Modern UI and it will draw even part of the "Charm Bar" to enable you to find or to more easily share your content. Class at international, so. Why the international? Just because gMUSIC's all in English, and I could perhaps tell me before also.

In addition, you need to know is that gMUSIC is completely free. Be careful though because the application contains advertising. And if you want to get rid of it, it will subscribe to the pack "Add Free" you will be charged $ 1.99. The greediest of you may also opt for a second pack, the "Ultimate", which will be charged $ 4.99 but you will have free access to all features and future updates to the application.

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