Nokia Lumia and Asha sell better than expected

Nokia could go back in the race with its Lumia and Asha range which totaled 13.7 million sales in three months.

Since the advent of the smartphone, Nokia began its slow decline. He was the leader of mobile phones for 14 long years with the phones features (conventional phones), before being surpassed by Samsung in 2012.

However, the Finnish manufacturer has changed its strategy last October. It has launched its new range of smartphones Lumia and Asha range for emerging countries, both in Windows Phone. And provided preliminary results for the 4th quarter, this tactic would bear fruit.

Net sales division "Devices & Services" reached nearly 3.9 billion euros. Thus, the group has sold more than 86.3 million phones, including 13.7 million smartphones. Of these, Nokia has sold 9.3 million units and 4.4 million Asha Lumia. These results have exceeded the expectations of Nokia which therefore welcomes the good sales.

If we are still very far from the figures of Apple and Samsung, Nokia Windows Phones seem to meet with some success. According to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft would even these smartphones already out of stock in "some places around the world." But for the moment, Windows Phone only about 3.5% of market share in the world. It is still far from the 20% estimated by analysts in 2013.

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