Apple does not work on an iPhone "low cost"

Since the beginning of the week , we hear of several U.S. sites that Apple could launch at the end of the year an iPhone "low cost" for emerging markets. Bloomberg was even further by saying that the iPhone would be sold between $ 99 and $ 149 , not one euro more. Incredible, as they say, but we all-of-knowing that Phil Schiller has spoken on the issue. And we can say that his statements are very clear since the man said that the firm was working absolutely not a product of this type. That way, at least it is fixed.

We can also specify that the boyfriend Philou not been with the back of the spoon as an iPhone even said "low cost", or even cheap, will see ever day. NEVER HEAR YOU! According to him, Apple is not like any other business, and it has absolutely no need to get a cheaper product to attract consumers. Better still, it has even run a small spike Samsung stating that the bitten apple was not these firms are launching multiple products at once.

Enchainer and then on an economic argument quite interesting. Phil actually said because Apple had only 20% market share in the mobile market, and more specifically on the area of smartphones, and even though the firm totaled alone, 75% of profits segment. In other words, Apple has absolutely no need to launch an iPhone "low cost" as the current models it is plenty. Finally, Phil noted that the choice of the best technology and the best materials, was precisely what allowed Apple to become a major player in the sector.

I would like to say that I am surprised by these statements, but we can not say that this is really the case, since I have never believed in this rumor. And if I think your actions on Twitter / Google+, it seems that I am not alone in this case. Therefore damage to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Digitimes and Bloomberg.

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