Task Manager launches applications Todoist iOS and Android

Todoist is a task manager radically minimalist but effective works on many substrates. In fact, the service launched five years ago now has its own mobile applications for iOS and Android, in addition to already available on the Web, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook and Thunderbird.

This free service allows you to manage an unlimited number of tasks and organize them into projects, while accessing the task manager while offline and saving everything in the cloud to provide synchronization between all devices day. The paid version offers including notes on tasks, system tags, access to iCalendar tasks, synchronization and permanent reminders via SMS or email notifications to the mobile ...

Web applications like mobile task manager offers login or register early with your Google Account. IOS and Android applications are a bit like the service: simple and functional, with good use native components of mobile OS.

While there are many free task managers, it has the merit of being clean and complete, and to be accessible everywhere. There are also Any.DO in the same genre quite minimalist.

Link your account to your YouTube channel Google+

Google continues to enhance the integration of the social network in its various services, the search giant has indeed announced that all YouTube users can now, if they wish, to link their YouTube channel to their Google Account Plus.

I found this interesting news on my way to the video sharing site yesterday. Before even navigate the site or quietly watching a video, a window pops up and allows you to choose a better name on YouTube.

That is when two choices are available to you: the first is to link their YouTube channel to their account and thus replace Google Plus his nickname by his full name, and the second is simply to keep her nickname unchanged. If you choose the first option, YouTube will carry all the information about your Google Account Plus, as the full name and avatar, to integrate directly to your channel and videos.

If this amendment is perfect for one person, it does not work yet for brands. Google will provide the opportunity to link their YouTube channel to a Google Plus page in the coming weeks to address this.

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