Load Nokia Lumia with your cooking?

An interesting experiment trying to prove that the energy produced by induction would be able to charge certain smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920. The only problem seems to still be high temperature, which at one time might melt or even explode while charging the phone. technology you no problem.

This does not seem to have arrested the man who directed the video, watching it so you can see the results of the experiment. There is a high probability that this is just a fake, but still interesting if this was possible.

Do not forget that charge a phone using heat is possible, is what makes the thermoelectric converting heat into electricity, but it is a totally different concept which for its part is tested and certified.

HTC: Jelly Bean if not less than 1 GB of RAM

The Taiwanese company announced today that it would update your smartphone boarding Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean, a condition that your mobile has more than 1 GB of RAM or more.

According to the message left on the website by HTC, the company works hard to ensure that each of their products offer enhanced user experience, thereby moving some remain with their current version of Android. A vast majority of smartphones equipped with 512 MB of RAM or less will not be ported to the new version of Android.

This means for example that the HTC Desire One V or C will be excluded from the migration. According to the manufacturer, the priority is clearly given to the motives were launched in 2012, the wait could be very long for users , see endless and hopeless.

iPhone 5: iPhone 5S marketed by Apple in 2013?

The iPhone 5 is just out in a new trade rumor about an upcoming release appeared on the canvas. This information is relayed by Digitimes announces a possible pre.

The iPhone 5 has made ​​a grand entrance on September 12 during a keynote followed by very passionate. The pre-orders soared by making records after 24 hours. The craze has been so important that the Foxconn factory has great difficulty in keeping the pace. Demand is too high and shortages are already present. On the official store, it is necessary to provide several weeks before delivery. For an iPhone 5 before Christmas, customers must provide their purchase. But they may prefer to wait, however, if this rumor is true. It is the daily Commercial Times is the source of this information. Apple is launching the iPhone's pre-5S or a new version of the iPhone 5. According to the rumor, the first volumes for the month of December are estimated between 50 and 100 000 copies.

A new iPad

During the first quarter of 2013, mass production could thus be established. Apple would have already thought about the next version while the new model is in the bins. The paper Commercial Times also mentions a new iPad . This could lift chains making the same year, in 2013. All this information should be taken with a grain of salt since the Cupertino company has not communicated on this point, much less confirmed the succession of the iPhone 5.

You should know that the iPhone 5 was launched a year after the iPhone 4S. If this new version was released in 2013, the revelation could be done in a few months. The firm at the apple would also have the opportunity to shorten the time between models. This happened with the iPad 4 Retina tablet is back on the market a little more than six months after the new iPad (version 3). In all cases the rumors are expected to increase for the next model. We must therefore expect further speculation in the coming months.

Facebook: The couple will have a special page with their news

Facebook already includes couples in profile pages. The users can learn their status, but the social network goes even further. When a loved one is mentioned, a special page will be created for the couple.

Facebook page offers a Couple. The latter does not correspond to an account. The social network just gather the information on this page for two people. This concept would be available very soon in France according to the company. The information will be different then displayed in a diary. Visitors will be able to view videos, pictures or articles of two people when their names are displayed. Currently, the data are pretty thin on this concept. We can ask ourselves if this page is automatically created when the status informed, will he the agreement of both partners or only one? A concept that can be quite confrontational causing many problems within a couple.

Privacy issue?

Currently, users can inform their relationship, but the partner receives a notification. It must be accepted that the word appears. Special page torque may follow the same operation. Another looks much more complex. These data confidentiality, hoping that Facebook takes steps to set the page torque.

Otherwise, the paper brings together lots of information about both partners could be made ​​public, which would be a real problem of confidentiality. Apparently, the company Mark Zuckerberg said it would be possible to control everything that is published. It will require patience to get more details on this new Facebook page which is already available in the United States.

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