Lenovo and ThinkVision laptop screen LT1423p

At CES, Lenovo introduced a portable screen named ThinkVision LT1423p. On the stand of Chinese manufacturer, we were treated to version 3.0 but USB WiFi version will be available. This screen IPS multitouch 13.3 "Gorilla Glass" offers a definition of 1600 × 900px and a range of 10h. We quickly tested and quite surprised by the fluidity of the latter which offers the possibility to have mirroring, but also multiscreen when connected to a computer. Count $ 350 version and $ 450 USB wireless version.

Windows Phone 7.8: update arrives, according to Nokia

Windows Phone 7.8 seems to be desired and you're probably some of you ask when it will be possible to enjoy. The information is not official, of course, but Nokia has even all-of-view to speak on the issue and the Finnish manufacturer has revealed that the update was still scheduled for the beginning of the year therefore it could happen in the next few days, or in the coming weeks. Suffice to say that addicts tile should tremble with joy.

Always according to the same information, which actually come from Italian and Spanish divisions of Nokia, Microsoft would have preferred to take the time to thoroughly test its platform with manufacturers and operators. In order to be sure that all goes well on the day of its deployment. The firm would have been overly cautious and it is obviously very difficult to blame him, especially when we take a look at his passive and more specifically the various pots that drags behind it. Big thinking for Mango, who had earned a cold sweat to a lot of people.

After, of course, we can not help thinking that Microsoft may have (this is an assumption) deliberately dragged feet to allow time for Windows Phone 8 to install on the market. A choice that would ultimately make more sense, especially when we know that the holidays season is generally very promising in terms of sales volume.

For those who have missed the boat, you can still take time to remember the major improvements in Windows Phone 7.8. They are not necessarily that much but so many in the lot, there are even all-of the new lock screen, new color themes or the famous resizable tiles that allow you to put some order on your Home screen. Very friendly innovations, therefore, which should please all those who cling to their Windows Phone as a lifeline.

Crucial 960 GB SSD for the quarter

Until now, when wanted to invest in a hard drive, it should be preferred storage space, or to prefer speed. Crucial is clearly not the kind of company to compromise and thus that he has just lifted the veil on its new SSD, a drive that offers nothing less than 960 GB of storage space. And contrary to what you might think, it will not pay thousands of dollars to enjoy since the guy will be offered around € 550. Attractive, of course, and the best is yet to come as this disc should arrive on the market in the first quarter of 2013.

In other words, we should be able to put the legs over the next few weeks, barely. If you do not have such a budget, you can also reassure you that as SSD will be available in several models, varying according to their storage and their access to reading and writing. We will have something for everyone and for every budget and it is still a very good thing.

Here are the different M500 SSDs that will soon be offered by Crucial
  • SSD 120 GB - 2.5 inches: 500 MB / s read, 130 MB / s write.
  • SSD 240 GB - 2.5 inches: 500 MB / s read, 250 MB / s write.
  • SSD 480 GB - 2.5 inches: 500 MB / s read, 400 MB / s write.
  • SSD 960 GB - 2.5 inches: 500 MB / s read, 400 MB / s write.

In addition, you should know that these four discs will support the AES 256 for encryption and they integrate several capacitors to avoid the worst case of power failure. Better, the buggers will even integrate management technology internal temperature, a technology that is able to automatically decrease disk performance in case of overheating.

On paper, it's still great and promising as saying that the 960 GB SSD may enter the eye of a lot of people. Especially at this price, especially with the performance, especially with embedded technologies. And finally, the hybrid hard drives have just lost all interest.

The dock will be available the Nexus 7 before the end of the month in the USA

This is the last month we began to hear about the arrival of a small dock for the Nexus 7 , and it is entirely possible that you've been waiting for. Understandable, of course, and know that your great sense of dedication finally paid off since U.S. dealer just release the information you've all been waiting to know the release date of this accessory. Yes, and you know as well as the dock of the Nexus 7 released on January 16 in the United States , and therefore probably in the wake of the old continent.

Good news never comes alone, the dealer in question has even paid the luxury swing the price of the product and we know well that this dock will be offered $ 39.99 . Well, again we already knew more or less the price of the accessory, but it's still nice to see that the rumors are wrong and that they may not always be accurate sometimes.

The question you are probably asking yourself is to know what it offers dock, no? Well apart from being able to put your tablet upright without fear for their health, this dock will allow you to get your hands on a mini USB port (to charge the tablet) and an audio output . Output will allow you to swing suddenly all songs stored on your slate to your big speakers or another. Quite nice, especially the accessory offers relatively compact dimensions (219.1 x 65.1 x 30.3 mm) .

Okay, now what I want to know is how long it will take us our props to get their hands on this dock. Because, well, it would still be nice to enjoy fast, huh.

RT jailbreak Windows

And here we are. Just days after the discovery of Clokr, a member of XDA-Developer community is able to design a tool to jailbreak Windows RT. Tool that is available on this address and will let you easily install unsigned applications on all machines enjoying the newest lab Microsoft. So, if you have cracked surface for RT, and although we can say that what follows may interest you something good.

RT Jailbreak Tool is the name of this tool will let you to "unlock" your Windows RT to install unsigned applications, so applications that are not distributed through the Windows Store. Be careful though, because it does not mean that you will be able to cram a Photoshop on your area. No, actually, you can not install applications that are compatible with the ARM architecture.

The distinction is important, of course, but this tool could even all-of-use to be a lot of people, especially as it is very easy to implement and does not require extensive technical knowledge.

RT jailbreak Windows in one click

In fact, RT Jailbreak Tool is nothing more than a batch file that you will need to run on your system. The first thing to do is to go get the tool and unzip in the wake of the received file. Once this is done, it will have to go dig into the folder and double-click the file "runExploit.bat". There, well you'll just have to wait twenty seconds for the tweak snaps into place. Everything will be explained and it will then suffice to follow the steps imposed.

Great, but note even all-of-it is a solution of a tethered. Basically, therefore, the jump to tweak each reboot and you will have to restart systematically batch to enjoy the feat.

And then, well, you'll have to compile your applications to be able to run it from the Windows desktop RT. The procedure is not easy, but the good news is that you will be able to take a shortcut. Many fans have already started working on it, a list already compiled application and you will be able to run it on your machine. In the lot, there are very good 7-Zip or Notepad + + , which should please many developers.

The fault corrected soon?

If Microsoft did not fail to applaud the ingenuity of Clokr and all those who worked on this achievement, the company has not failed to indicate that the fault would soon be filled. That being said, if the firm has actually deploy a patch, then it will based on Windows Update. It only has to watch out for updates that you install on your machine to continue to benefit from this solution. And if you were to commit a blunder, then you'll still be able to restore your system back story.

Dell Ophelia Project, your computer in your pocket

For some years that Dell bump type solutions "cloud computing" and the manufacturer has just lifted the veil on a new solution that could attract the general public and professionals. Ophelia Project, which has probably nothing to do with Ophelie Winter, is actually present in the form of a simple usb to connect to any monitor or TV. Usb key that will simply allow us to recover our working environment but also all our data, all in a glance. Can you imagine a little? Your computer alone you everywhere, all the time and at the bottom of your pocket.

Today, with technologies like "cloud", it is possible to recover the contents of any computer, any smartphone and any touchpad. Just actually install applications that go to watch videos, listen to music, view photos or even its work on documents. It's fun, it's practical but it also means that one has to have a terminal on hand to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful technology.

Dell, meanwhile, is part of the principle that everyone could not necessarily walk with all its paraphernalia. It is for this reason that the manufacturer has designed a usb able to repatriate all our data through a work environment fully customizable. Very convenient for walking in Geek, certainly, but also for the VRP that walk in customers and clients who are a little tired of lugging their laptop all the time.

Very practical and easy to make, here is an overview of the functions provided by the Project Ophelia:
  • Secure and direct access "cloud" of the user.
  • Recovery files, applications, games and the whole environment.
  • Integration of WiFi and Bluetooth for easy.
  • Operating system based on Android 4.0.
  • Secure connection to Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.
  • Direct supply by the screen. No battery, no charger.
  • Support for multiple user accounts.
  • Compatibility with the full range Wyse.

I do not know much about the Wyse solution and I can not tell you more about this (your feedback is welcome) but we can specify complete the Ophelia Project hit the market somewhere in the first half of 2013 . I'll Just have to know how much it will cost. I also sent a mail to Dell to try to know more then please do not hesitate board in the corner a little later if the solution you want.

LG also has a curved OLED TV!

After Samsung , it's time for LG to unveil at CES its curved OLED TV 55 " ! This TV EA9800 OLED screen is equipped with a curved OLED display system based on the owner of the mark White RGB (WRGB), which adds a white subpixel trio of sub- pixels Red-Green-Blue, in order to get more natural colors and more accurate, more, it incorporates polarized Cinema 3D technology from LG.

The curve provided by the visual display curved up the entire surface of the image equidistant from the viewer's eyes. Thus, the image is perceived without distortion in the corners and loss of definition. The eye looks and the entire screen with the same acuity.

No price or availability of course the moment.

Pictures for the Acer Iconia tablet B1 to 119 €

Announced last few days , here are some pictures of the new tablet Iconia Acer B1 which will be marketed in France from mid-January to € 119.

At that price, the Iconia B1 while a little cheap plastic with dimensions of 197.4 x 128.5 x 11.3 mm for 320g. Side is against this specification not so bad, but if the Nexus 7 or the latest Archos tablets are better for a few dollars more. We thus find a touch screen of 7 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 600px, a Mediatek processor dual-core 1.2 GHz (8317T MTK) with 512MB of RAM, a capacity of 8GB, a microSD slot, the Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0 / GPS, Webcam 0.3 Megapixel front or a 2710 mAh battery, all under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

3M shows his 84-inch touchscreen table

The CES is the opportunity for manufacturers to show some small prototypes of machines which are at a stage of development not very advanced. 3M showed him his new model of touch table 4K 84 inches.

3M table is equipped with a screen 84 inches or 2 meters 13 diagonal, and adopt a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels . It runs on Windows 7 and uses a dedicated software using flash. Furthermore, the table is capable of supporting up to 40 points of contact, which is perfect for use with others.

The screen will very resistant to scratches, knocks and heat. A good thing, since it will be used to equip public places such as shopping centers or schools. 3M indicates that the table will be completed by the end of the year, and will be sold at least $ 25,000.

iPen 2: a stylus to transform your conventional screens touchscreens

The studio Cregle behind the first model iPen back early this year with a new, more accurate soberly called iPen 2. Mac and PC compatible, the two iPen can transform a conventional computer screen touchscreen fixing the corners of the latter two modules triangulation (powered by batteries to recharge with a base). With 1024 levels of pressure support and inclination, iPen 2 can replace a mouse or be used as a stylus for all kinds of graphic applications and games.

Also working with iPad , however it will place the tablet in a case which also serves as storage for the stylus.

Still in draft form, its creator Sam Jang are currently able to collect $ 57,000 on the $ 360,000 expected via the finance platform Kickstarter. Once funded, Cregle hope to monetize the desktop version $ 169, $ 119 version iPad or $ 219 a bundle containing all desktop and iPad accessories . For more information, we invite you to take a look at the visible demonstrations bottom of the page.

But be careful if your tile is not glazed like a iMac, iPen the risk of damage.

CES 2013: Panasonic Toughpad JT-B1, a 7-inch tablet dedicated to the professional world

A tablet expensive ($ 1199) available next month, but reserved the professional world.

Panasonic understands that the tablet market was completely clogged and offer yet another product to the general public could be a flop. The company has decided to move towards the professional world, with the Toughpad range. The first model was released last year (and announced at CES 2012) with a diagonal of 10 inches. This year, you are entitled to a 7-inch variation, in the sweet name of JT-B1.

The tablet is multi-certified: IP65 (totally protected against dust and protected against water jets from all directions spear), MIL-STD-810G ( test established by the U.S. Army to test the strength). It can withstand a drop of 3 meters and operating -10 ° C to 50 ° C. Belonging to the Toughpad range ( tablet strength ) is perfectly adequate. Targeted sectors include food (via an accessory for reading barcodes), institutions, military, health, construction ...

We continue with the following features:

  • Operating System : Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Processor : Dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 1.5 GHz
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Internal memory : 16 GB
  • Reader microSDHC card
  • Screen 7-inch Gorilla Glass 2
  • Definition WSVGA (1024 x 600 pixels)
  • Brightness of 500 nits
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n +3 G optional LTE, NFC, GPS
  • Front camera : 2 megapixel
  • Back camera : 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • Battery : 5720 mAh (replaceable)
  • Weight : 545 grams

Panasonic customization are limited, to the extent that it is integrated applications. These include a variety of applications and Dashboard to configure the security of the machine. You notice the three buttons on the bottom (A1/A2/A3) that are fully configurable, including combinations and supports long.

CES 2013: Hands speakers Sony SRS-BTX300

The Sony SRS-BTX300 are premium speakers wireless (Bluetooth and NFC) which will be available in mid-April for € 199.

On the occasion of CES, Sony introduced new accessories that can be used with smartphones of the brand. Among them, the speaker SRS-BTX300 is very interesting. It is a product that has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily play music from an external terminal. On the top, there is a tag that allows NFC to pair the smartphone easily and speakers. Do not worry if your smartphone does not have an NFC chip: you can connect a conventional manner via Bluetooth or a jack for connecting a sound source standard.

The design of the SRS-BTX300 is very successful, with a triangular shape (the top is thinner than the bottom). On the right side, the foot is then unfolded and provides access to configuration buttons: use Bluetooth or jack, sound activation and ON / OFF button.

The sound delivered by the SRS-BTX300 is 2.1, with a good power of 20 W. Even if a booth at CES is not ideal for listening to music in peace quality is the appointment with the DMC technology from Sony. Concretely, the passive speaker offers deeper bass and a faithful reproduction of the different instruments used via the Clear Phase DSP.

This enclosure has a battery and can be used on the move, but its rather large size limit their movements. Autonomy announced by Sony is 8 hours listening.

On the back of the enclosure, there are all the connections classic, but also a button to enable or disable Bluetooth and a USB port so that it may be used to recharge a smartphone while listening to music.

Knowing that the Xperia and Xperia Z ZL, Part Walkman supports multiple audio outputs, use is greatly simplified. If you receive a call, you can use the SRS-BTX300 as a "hands-free", which will come in handy for meetings for example.

Already found this product on  the Sony shop , but it will have to be very patient, because availability is scheduled for mid-April.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S2 More

The Galaxy S2 is back! Samsung has just unveiled at the CES, the Galaxy S2 More a sort of update of the S2 but this time directly under Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

The Galaxy S2 More uses the same design but uses materials Galaxy S3 (Hyperglaze) and SUPER AMOLED screen offers a 4.3 "WVGA with a resolution, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, a photo sensor 8Mpx a video camera to 2MPx a capacity of 8GB, a microSD slot, the Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / NFC or a 1650mAh battery. It comes with the latest TouchWiz overlay including but not limited S Voice, Direct Call, Stay Smart, Smart Alert, zero shutter lag camera, AllShare Play and others. Its dimensions are 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm and weighs 121 grams.

Angry Birds Space: 30 new levels to iOS & Android

Good news for those who do not know what to do during the next few hours, Angry Birds Space has just been updated! this is the first since the beginning of the year and many say it kicks since it brings a lot of novelties. Yes, full of news, starting with a new water planet called Pig Dipper . In total, there are 30 new levels that are entering a new boss submarine and some particularly cool powers you should be pretty useful.

The thing a bit silly, is that it is a few weeks or a few months, I left Angry Birds Space aside. Not by choice, too, since it's mostly my schedule particularly loaded which is the main fault in this story. Finally it and also the fact that my party has suddenly disappeared from my iPhone, that I do not understand why. So, well, I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to test this new planet and the various improvements made ​​by this update.

However, and if one believes the application form, it seems that the news is particularly numerous:
  • New planet and 30 additional levels.
  • New boss submarine.
  • Special power: Flock of Birds.
  • Special power: Pig Puffer.
  • Apart from the new levels and new boss, we can find two new powers. The Flock of Birds, for starters, you will obviously easier to destroy structures, while Puffer Pig will give you the opportunity to boost your pigs to increase their damage again. In the end, therefore, it is a small update rather nice and should keep you busy for quite some time.
And if you have not yet had the opportunity to test the beast, here are the links that go and allow you to correct it ... Especially my stuff that costs less than a euro, eh, then it is it will not ruin you.

Acer Chromebook The C7 is available

The Official Google Blog informs us today that the Acer Chromebook manufactured by C7 is now available at a price of € 249. This model, which was so far distributed in the United States and Great Britain, is currently sold exclusively through the online store Pixmania. Shipping costs are free of charge and payment facilities are available.

As a reminder, Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS, which highlight the ease of use and speed. In the case of Acer C7, the objective is achieved by a fast boot time of 18sec and Instant from standby. As for simplicity, it is found in the OS developed by Google that does not require more setup than a smartphone Android (Google Account and key Wi-Fi). Moreover, this OS does not need antivirus or patch installations or updates since it automatically.

Another important point of the Chromebook is that they operate on the principle of the permanent synchronization of all content in the cloud. In this way we can access its data wherever one is or any Chromebook simply by identifying themselves. As for the software to use, it will simply Google services or applications and games available on the Chrome Web Store, but for some it is already enough for their use.

Concerning the technical specifications of the Acer Chromebook C7, they are:
  • 11.6-inch screen (1366 x 768)
  • Thickness of 2.5 cm and a weight of 1.4 kg
  • Up to 4 hours
  • Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor 847
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: 100 GB free for two years and Google Drive Hard Drive 320 GB
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Ethernet
  • Front camera HD
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • An HDMI port and a VGA port
  • Memory card slot 2 in 1 (SD, MMC)

The availability of this Chromebook is excellent news, it must be noted, however, that two other models more sophisticated and Samsung brand (Samsung Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook 550) are available in the United States and Great Britain. It is not yet known if they are planned.

Finally, we may regret the price at which the Acer Chromebook C7 is available in Europe (249 € or £ 199), then it is sold $ 199 (excluding taxes) in the United States, roughly € 150. There is this computer so cheap that the computer is ideal for students or parents seeking to equip each of their children.

CES 2013: the Chameleon arrives on smartphone smart launcher

Chameleon Launcher is starting a project to Kickstarter launcher for tablet , having managed to raise $ 30,000 from 6400 investors. After a first version only available in tablet , creators unveil smartphone version.

A launcher is a software that allows you to create customizable home screen according to your preferences, like an RSS feed to Netvibes. Chameleon provides a virtual space where you can specify a location for your widgets, and the size that they occupy.

Running in the background, the launcher fits your location and contents of the widgets that you just selected.

At CES 2013 , Chameleon Launcher shows a version intended for smartphones running on the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Nexus 4 , and any smartphone Android 3.2 and higher.

As with all Kickstarter projects, Chameleon Launcher will be available for preview investors (those who wager at least $ 10 on the project), the tablet version of Chameleon is also being offered at a price of $ 3.99 on Google Play.

PaperTab: touch pad flexible wants to replace the paper

The interesting thing with CES is that manufacturers are little known and trying all de same to make a difference with original and sometimes downright strange. This is particularly the case with Plastic Logic , which took the show to unveil the PaperTab a prototype tablet touch screen and flexible benefits plus a processor  Intel Core i5 and a beautiful screen of 10.7 inches . All with advanced features allowing it to interact easily with other similar slates. And if you want to see how it works in real life, then know that you'll find a little lower for a video demonstration.

So of course, given the size of the craft, needless to say that the processor that anime is not directly integrated with the device. As you can see from the picture and the video accompanying this article, it is actually connected to the screen via a web. In addition, and although we do not know the screen resolution, you can add that last tape in 10.7 inches and it only plays the card of "black & white".

From my point of view, finally PaperTab three interesting features. Its flexibility, for starters, which allows him to get closer to the cover of a magazine or even a book. This is pretty cool and it could finally give life to a lot of nice things in the next few years. Another advantage of this device is also its usability as finally just bend some corners of the screen to navigate through the platform. Again, the ergonomic, it is rather promising.

And then, of course, there is the connectivity between PaperTab. Each screen actually seems to be able to identify the location of other devices. It suffices to consider two device to switch the display on both devices. Very interesting for those who need to see plans, or even to easily share photos and other media shelf to another.

The trick, of course, is that the technology is still in its infancy, it will probably take a few years to mature, but I find that flexible displays are very promising and we have to also had evidence this morning with the prototype smartphone designed by Samsung.

Autorip when Amazon offers MP3 CD of all purchased

Amazon has just lifted the veil on Autorip , a new service that may be of interest to all those who regularly buy CD on famous online store. Why? Just because everyone buying a cake can now leave with its digital version , and therefore with all MP3 going well. Very practical, of course, but this is not a reason to pack everything away because Autorip is currently available in the United States. And it will have to wait a little longer before you can enjoy in Europe.

In addition, we must also temper the good news by saying that this offer does not have all the CD shop. In reality, for the moment, only 50,000 albums would be eligible. Not glop, of course, but know all de same as the list is expected to grow in the weeks and months to come, it is in any case what Jeff Bezos solemnly declared at its conference.

Yes, and there's more ... because this offer is retro-active . What does that mean? Simply that Autorip go for the CD you buy in the future, certainly, but also for all wafers acquired since 1998. Attention all de same as Autorip works based on the Cloud Player . Basically, the service will send digital versions of all the albums in your possession to your storage stashed in the "cloud". It will be recalled in passing that the free version of Cloud Player includes only 5 GB of disk space . Not stupid, Amazon through this system will be able to kill two birds with one stone gently pushing us subscribe to a pay for it. Very well thought out.

If you want to know more about the service, please note that you only need to make this page to learn all of it. For the more adventurous among you, or those terribly bored in this beautiful afternoon, the conditions of use are in there. Well, in any case Amazon has once more hit hard because nobody expected to launch a service of this kind.

Apple, Google and Samsung's most innovative companies in 2012

The Boston Consulting Group has published its latest ranking of the most innovative companies in 2012. Apple topped the charts, followed by Google and Samsung.

Despite all the criticism that was him in 2012, Apple remains the most innovative company in the world. It is in any case Estime consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in its new ranking published Thursday, January 10. Apple retains its position as number one of the top 50 he has held since 2005. It therefore Google heels, located in the second position and especially its biggest rival, Samsung, 3rd place on the podium.

Although this classification is open to all fields, it remains largely dominated by new technologies. Microsoft and guard his fourth place, while Facebook went from 43rd in 2010 to fifth this year. As for Twitter, it just happened in the rankings in the 43rd position.

The car also innovates

"New technologies have long dominated the charts. But it must be emphasized this year, rising traditional sectors", says BCG, including automotive. The list includes 15 industry groups effect of high-tech in 2010 against 21 in the previous ranking. These companies must now confront the giant Korean auto such as Hyundai or Kia, respectively the 10th and 13th. Note that Renault is the only French company to be present in the top 50 and is in 34th place.

To establish this list, the research firm surveyed more than 1,500 executives (business owners, CFOs, etc). Across the world. He asked what the companies they perceived as the most innovative. Analysts also took into account criteria such as financial growth and profits.

The Top 10

1. Apple 
2. Google 
3. Samsung 
4. Microsoft 
5. Facebook 
6. IBM 
7. Sony 
8. Haier 
9. Amazon 
10. Hyundai

Firefox 18 out of his lair

Firefox 18 is now available. The Mozilla browser continues to improve day by day, and a new version is available on both mobile and PC. The menu surfing, applications and online games even faster.

IonMonkey, the new JavaScript compiler promises 25% faster and more during games or use applications. Another novelty, the browser now supports screen resolutions of Retina Macbook . Besides, Mozilla promises better protection against malware and fishing, better management of open tabs and management of multi-touch touch screens.

To test the performance of Firefox 18, Mozilla developers have created a small 3D game named Bananabread. Test it to see the progress. A new update, so that further improves browser performance already.

Polaroid M10, a 10-inch tablet under $ 229 with Jelly Bean

For now, we still have very little information about this new tablet Polaroid M10 .

As its name suggests, the M10 is a tablet carrying a touchscreen IPS LCD 10 inch HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels).

As for other specifications, it offers a quad-core architecture (brand not specified), a device Photo 5 megapixels, access to WiFi, an HDMI output and internal memory 16.

Where it gets more interesting is the rate at which amounts to only $ 229 bonus with a version of Android that is recent Android Jelly Bean (4.1).

Now we just wonder if this tablet will be viable for everyday use, since most mobile terminals Polaroid leaves like saying, a little to be desired.

More information as soon as possible.

MIUI: 10 million installations worldwide

It's official MIUI team has announced that users had downloaded their Custom Rom (custom system Android more than 10 million times worldwide.

More concretely, MIUI is a full customized interface developed by Xiaomi Tech since 2010. Own a custom interface that contains the codes of Android, but with modifications and customization that merits deeper its main attribute that is the differentiation from other Roma Customs available on the web.

An interface that has captivated and make a name against Cyanogen, AOKP and other unofficial distributions available to users on a daily basis.

For more information, one address:  miui.com

Facebook announced a mysterious event Jan. 15

The social network has sent invitations to the American press conference for January 15, without specifying the subject. The announcement has since ceased to fuel speculation even stock market.

Facebook gives us a nice announcement effect. The social network has sent invitations for an event on January 15th to be held at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. "Come and see what we built", can be read on the solicitation. Group Mark Zuckerberg did not give further details about the conference, but it was enough to reassure investors.

The action of Facebook has taken last Wednesday the 30 dollars, while in September it had reached its lowest historical to 17.73 dollars. As a reminder, during the Facebook IPO May 8, 2012, the action of the group was 38 dollars.

Since then, rumors have continued to multiply on the canvas. Some media talk of launching a smartphone, Facebook stamped, which would be created in collaboration with HTC. This rumor, already mentioned in the past, remains unlikely. Mark Zuckerberg was especially entrusted in July that the project "makes no sense" .

New features

Hypothesis is also search engine developed by Facebook. The group's founder has never hidden its intentions to create your own tool. "We are in a unique position to respond to people's questions. At one time or another, we will. We have a team working on it", he explained at a conference.

The principle is not to compete directly with Google, but to offer a social aspect to online research, so that it is more personalized.

It may finally that Facebook offers several new features, such as streaming music or VoIP within their apps. The group is indeed associated recently with Skype and Spotify. The establishment of an online shop is also possible, since the company has already launched Facebook Gifts that can offer gifts to their contacts. Therefore expect 15 January to have the heart net.

IllumiRoom, the new concept of Microsoft

After Kinect , IllumiRoom could be the next technology Microsoft to emerge.

Currently still in its simple concept, IllumiRoom would be able to project images of the space around your TV so you can immerse more in the gaming experience.

Once your living space analyzed using Kinect, a projector would be responsible for creating a game environment using various visual effects. Single flashes of light or true extension of the field of vision plated directly on your furniture, the system would be managed dynamically according to the arrangement of walls and objects close to the television.

Microsoft says that the video demonstration of this technology is realized in real time without any effect of post-production, and it must be said that the result shows quite impressive.

Impossible however whether this idea will state the simple concept that if it is developed with a view to future commercialization.

PureView: lots of new things to come from Nokia

Nokia has been in trouble for many years but this story belongs to the past. By partnering with Microsoft and abandoning its own mobile platform in favor of Windows Phone, the Finnish manufacturer has succeeded in reversing the trend and we even put a few slaps well felt. Between smartphones beautiful , ecosystem reasoned and PureView technology , we can even say that it has hit hard. And of course, Nokia is not going to sit there and thus one of its executives announced the arrival of several products using technology PureView.

Contrary to what one might think, technology PureView not just anecdotal. In fact, its benefits are not taken lightly and just finally take a look at pictures or videos taken with Lumia 920 to realize its full potential. Especially when the light is lacking, moreover, since the guy does not sag and even though the performance of most of its competitors collapse miserably under the same conditions.

In short, the PureView is cool and Nokia seems determined to exploit its technology as much as possible. Juha Alakarhu the man at the head of the division image Nokia, told in an interview that he and his employees wanted to go further and they worked well on new things affecting around this technology. Obviously, we do not know more, but it seems that these new touch equally to hardware than software . In other words, if the introduction of new products is not to be excluded, it is undoubtedly the technology itself that may make a big leap this year.

Finally, it may be recalled that the technology PureView was presented at the MWC 2012. Although I would put my hand to cut, so I think it is likely that Nokia will bring some surprises for MWC 2013.

ViewSonic unveils touchscreens Windows 8

TD2340, TD2740 TD3240 and, it is their first name. These are touch screens in Windows 8 unveiled by ViewSonic at CES in Las Vegas. Regarding sizes, there will be something for everyone, since the TD2340 will be 23 inches, the TD2740 has a size of 27 inches and will TD3240 him 32 inches.

These screens can support up to 10 points of contact to better manage your Windows 8. Equipped with an IPS panel, 1920X1080 their definition is, therefore Full HD. Besides this, the screens are also equipped with HDMI , VGA and USB course.

The particularity of these screens is to adopt 4 different positions. way, you can put it vertically for use as a conventional screen, or put it horizontally, for use as touch table.

These screens will be available in February from 473 €.

Nuance unveils Wintermute, a universal Siri

The mobile manufacturers have launched their own virtually all voice assistant. There is of course the famous Siri Apple, but Samsung S-Voice. LG, Motorola and HTC unveiled their same voice assistant. Wintermute But Nuance could come play spoilsport.

Indeed, Nuance unveiled at CES, assistant Wintermute. Formally, the wizard closely resembles Siri. Ask him a question, he answers you and helps you to access your application. But where it can really hurt is that it is a universal tool that adapts to all machines, not just in your phone. Tablets, PC, TV, one can imagine an application Wintermute on all devices.

Better Wintermute Nuance will be personalized and store all your tastes and requests for help, and whatever the device used. So you do not possess one assistant who can help you on all machines at the same time. A little bit of JARVIS in amount.

For now in the planning stage , Wintermute has not yet release date.

Google Time: a concept for a Google SmartWatch

Now Google is a very nice tool and even if we can not still enjoy all the features of the old continent, we may as well admit that to yourself Big G ​​did a great job on this one. No doubt he also will not stop there and the giant will not fail to decline his tool on other devices. It seems that Adrian Maciburko think like me since it has done a very good concept of integrating Google Now SmartWatch, a concept that should enter into the eye of a lot of people and you can see a little lower.

Our smartphones have become, over the years, real monsters power and just take a look at our new chip foundry preferred to realize that the trend is unlikely to reverse. However, you may also find that large firms working on the technology sector consider more alternative tracks, tracks like the famous Glass Project from Google that will allow us to access our information otherwise.

I could be wrong, of course, but I think SmartWatch should also be developed in the near future. And it will probably come a day when Google Time imagined by Adrian will be more than just a concept. In reality, it is exactly the same type of products that would not hurt to be necessary in Geeks, and perhaps even Madame Michu. As you can see from the pictures that accompany this article, this is all about Google SmartWatch Now. Just as playing with his little touchscreen to access the weather in the region or to easily manage reminders and appointments . Same thing to update their status on Google or search on the web.

And finally, we say that the service SmartWatch could make a lot of people. Because, well, smartphones, it's great, but they often sleep at the bottom of our pocket. And when you receive a notification any, we should take the time to get them, unlock them and see what it is. While there, a Google Time, we would not have to rack your brains and it would ultimately few seconds to access all the information we need daily.

Gigabyte: A Mac Mini for April

Gigabyte does not merely present its 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet running Windows 8 at CES 2013, the automaker also took the opportunity to lift the veil on a new computer which may not appeal to many people. Yes, a lot of people, and more specifically to those who are looking for a compact and small size. Because, as this Mini PC looks like a Mac Mini fed hormones and that does not compromise on power ... The picture and specifications are obviously in the sequel.

The interesting thing with this Mini PC is that it does not just take the format and guidelines of the Mac Mini. No, because it is paid in the luxury of being more compact than the latter. Pretty impressive, of course, especially when one takes a look at what lies under the hood.

For indeed, this bike benefits from a technical rather complete with an Intel Core i3/i5/i7, up to 8 GB of RAM , 256 GB hard disk format SSD , WiFi , three USB ports 3.0, an Ethernet port and two HDMI outputs. The graphics card, for its part, should not look far and as this little machine that does not impose such a machine gamers. It's a shame, it's true, but it may well act as an extra computer or even media center evolved.

Especially the little machine is not bad looking with a nice aluminum shell which denote not once you have installed in your home. Finally, we can specify that still do not know the name of this machine, or even its price. The only thing we know is that it will hit the market in the month of April and we'll talk maybe once available and its price is known.

Dell Inspiron renews its range of

Dell took advantage of CES to renew its range of laptops : Inspiron range. No big change on the horizon in terms of design and functionality, but a performance enhancement for upgrade to the competition. Are concerned the Inspiron 15, 17, 15R and 17R.

As usual, we have the right to be inspired with either a processor i3, i5 and i7. Also on the menu, the Bluetooth 4.0, an HDMI port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, a DVD player .

The Inspiron 15 and 17 are equipped with 8GB of RAM and a TB of storage. They also have a graphics card Intel HD 4000, but you can choose a model with a map swifter than Nvidia or AMD same. The Inspiron 15 is equipped with a 15-inch screen with a resolution 1366X768, while 17 will have a 17-inch display with a resolution of 1600X900 pixels .

The Inspiron 15R and 17R are slightly better at their definition, they adopt a format to 1080p, and hulls will be changed at will. Prices are quite honorable, as the new Inspiron will be available soon from € 329. Expect only € 549 for the most powerful model, ie the Inspiron 17R.

WD Black: soon hybrid hard drives from Western Digital

SSDs are great, it is a fact, but they are not necessarily perfect and ugliest default, this is undoubtedly their limited storage capacity. To overcome this drawback, the manufacturers are working on hybrid solutions and bringing together the best of both worlds. We had an example with Fusion or Apple Drive with the latest Toshiba Qosmio but this time it was the turn of Western Digital to enter the race with its WD Black, the hybrid hard drives formatted 2.5 inch and which may be of interest to a lot of people.

But before that, we will still take the time to briefly explain the operation of hybrid hard drives. To make it simple and to summarize the idea in a few words, a hybrid hard drive combines in a single case of the traditional mass storage (which drives our old team) and the SSD . On the one hand, we will have the space to store our files and the other, a fast disk that will improve the overall performance of our machine.

Architecture that Western Digital has decided to take over to build its new hard drives, series WD Black. The latter will not happen on the market right now, it is a fact, and we do not yet know the price of these discs, but we already know that the first two models play the map with a compact 2.5 format inches and extremely fine ranging from 5mm to 7mm depending on the model.

On the disc itself, you should know that it will be available in two models to start: one 500 GB and 1 TB one. Both drives will ship 24 GB or 32 GB SSD and they should arrive at the market somewhere in the next 6 months.

BBK Box Bittorrent: Bittorrent on your TV (and after prison)

Bittorrent worked hard for many years and we have all taken one day the dark corridors of this protocol like no other. And if you're one of the fans who refuse to turn back, then the BBK Bittorrent Box may hold your attention. Logic, since this little media center running Android proposes simply to bring Bittorrent ... on your TV. All for € 90 and with a good chance of ending up in prison behind.

Level design, since you have to start somewhere, BBK Bittorrent Box broadly similar to Apple TV. We thus find ourselves facing a housing with compact dimensions and rather mat, the kind of case that will not be ashamed to proudly display in his living room. Or in his cell. Same for the remote control is rather pretty to look at, although very conventional.

Concerning the technical specifications of the beast, we know that embeds 512 MB ​​of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and a card reader 3-in-1. The connection is quite complete since found an ethernet port, RCA output, HDMI 1.3 output, three USB 2.0 ports and a mini USB port. If you find it difficult to keep your holiday movies in UltraHD above, you can always opt for an external hard drive that will plug into the housing of the BBK Bittorrent Box. Also be noted that the latter benefits from Wi-Fi 801.11 b / g / n and will be able to decode most of video formats, including MKV.

Turning now to the features of the product and then tell you all right now, we can do many things with this little box. The first thing to know is that it is DLNA certified so it will be possible to use it to fetch the content on external devices. Conversely, we can also stream media content between BBK Bittorrent Box and smartphone, tablet or touch her. Cool, and note that they can also be used to take control of the box. On paper, this is quite full and we can add that the BBK Bittorrent Box will also be able to download Bittorrent media and play them directly on your TV then.

Cool, and we can note that the list is not exhaustive. If you want to know all the little beast, the best is yet to go snooping on her official website, everything is explained and you will find more complete list of its technical characteristics. Here and ends with two small demonstration videos.

The Facebook page manager is (finally) available on Android

Facebook released some time ago its application "Pages Manager" on Android which unfortunately was not available on the Google Store Play French. It is now the case.

This page manager is indeed available recently on the mobile operating system from Google and embarks essentially the same features as its big brother on iOS, like the ability to view the activity or statistics Page Insights of your pages, or simply respond to your fans.

Pages Manager allows among others to post new statutes and new photos, respond to comments as a page, read and respond to private messages or receive notifications on the activity of your pages in real time.

That said, Facebook has put a lot of time to get his manager on Android pages because we must remember that the same application on iOS was released in May 2012 and has already enjoyed significant updates. This application should in any appeal to community managers and more generally to all persons who manage at least one page on the social network.

Facebook Pages Manager download on Android or iOS

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