PaperTab: touch pad flexible wants to replace the paper

The interesting thing with CES is that manufacturers are little known and trying all de same to make a difference with original and sometimes downright strange. This is particularly the case with Plastic Logic , which took the show to unveil the PaperTab a prototype tablet touch screen and flexible benefits plus a processor  Intel Core i5 and a beautiful screen of 10.7 inches . All with advanced features allowing it to interact easily with other similar slates. And if you want to see how it works in real life, then know that you'll find a little lower for a video demonstration.

So of course, given the size of the craft, needless to say that the processor that anime is not directly integrated with the device. As you can see from the picture and the video accompanying this article, it is actually connected to the screen via a web. In addition, and although we do not know the screen resolution, you can add that last tape in 10.7 inches and it only plays the card of "black & white".

From my point of view, finally PaperTab three interesting features. Its flexibility, for starters, which allows him to get closer to the cover of a magazine or even a book. This is pretty cool and it could finally give life to a lot of nice things in the next few years. Another advantage of this device is also its usability as finally just bend some corners of the screen to navigate through the platform. Again, the ergonomic, it is rather promising.

And then, of course, there is the connectivity between PaperTab. Each screen actually seems to be able to identify the location of other devices. It suffices to consider two device to switch the display on both devices. Very interesting for those who need to see plans, or even to easily share photos and other media shelf to another.

The trick, of course, is that the technology is still in its infancy, it will probably take a few years to mature, but I find that flexible displays are very promising and we have to also had evidence this morning with the prototype smartphone designed by Samsung.

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