Autorip when Amazon offers MP3 CD of all purchased

Amazon has just lifted the veil on Autorip , a new service that may be of interest to all those who regularly buy CD on famous online store. Why? Just because everyone buying a cake can now leave with its digital version , and therefore with all MP3 going well. Very practical, of course, but this is not a reason to pack everything away because Autorip is currently available in the United States. And it will have to wait a little longer before you can enjoy in Europe.

In addition, we must also temper the good news by saying that this offer does not have all the CD shop. In reality, for the moment, only 50,000 albums would be eligible. Not glop, of course, but know all de same as the list is expected to grow in the weeks and months to come, it is in any case what Jeff Bezos solemnly declared at its conference.

Yes, and there's more ... because this offer is retro-active . What does that mean? Simply that Autorip go for the CD you buy in the future, certainly, but also for all wafers acquired since 1998. Attention all de same as Autorip works based on the Cloud Player . Basically, the service will send digital versions of all the albums in your possession to your storage stashed in the "cloud". It will be recalled in passing that the free version of Cloud Player includes only 5 GB of disk space . Not stupid, Amazon through this system will be able to kill two birds with one stone gently pushing us subscribe to a pay for it. Very well thought out.

If you want to know more about the service, please note that you only need to make this page to learn all of it. For the more adventurous among you, or those terribly bored in this beautiful afternoon, the conditions of use are in there. Well, in any case Amazon has once more hit hard because nobody expected to launch a service of this kind.

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