BBK Box Bittorrent: Bittorrent on your TV (and after prison)

Bittorrent worked hard for many years and we have all taken one day the dark corridors of this protocol like no other. And if you're one of the fans who refuse to turn back, then the BBK Bittorrent Box may hold your attention. Logic, since this little media center running Android proposes simply to bring Bittorrent ... on your TV. All for € 90 and with a good chance of ending up in prison behind.

Level design, since you have to start somewhere, BBK Bittorrent Box broadly similar to Apple TV. We thus find ourselves facing a housing with compact dimensions and rather mat, the kind of case that will not be ashamed to proudly display in his living room. Or in his cell. Same for the remote control is rather pretty to look at, although very conventional.

Concerning the technical specifications of the beast, we know that embeds 512 MB ​​of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and a card reader 3-in-1. The connection is quite complete since found an ethernet port, RCA output, HDMI 1.3 output, three USB 2.0 ports and a mini USB port. If you find it difficult to keep your holiday movies in UltraHD above, you can always opt for an external hard drive that will plug into the housing of the BBK Bittorrent Box. Also be noted that the latter benefits from Wi-Fi 801.11 b / g / n and will be able to decode most of video formats, including MKV.

Turning now to the features of the product and then tell you all right now, we can do many things with this little box. The first thing to know is that it is DLNA certified so it will be possible to use it to fetch the content on external devices. Conversely, we can also stream media content between BBK Bittorrent Box and smartphone, tablet or touch her. Cool, and note that they can also be used to take control of the box. On paper, this is quite full and we can add that the BBK Bittorrent Box will also be able to download Bittorrent media and play them directly on your TV then.

Cool, and we can note that the list is not exhaustive. If you want to know all the little beast, the best is yet to go snooping on her official website, everything is explained and you will find more complete list of its technical characteristics. Here and ends with two small demonstration videos.

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