VEA Buddy watch, connected to your smartphone or tablet touch

Connected watches are fashionable and quite some time now and is on the market and a number of competitors who are desperate to get a piece of cake. The VEA Buddy, meanwhile, is a newcomer quite interesting since it plays the card of universality over the total. In other words, and to put it simply, the main asset of this watch is that it works with any smartphone and any touchpad. Yes, and if you add to that the fact that it is more able to do many things, you say it is likely to attract a lot of people ...

But before going further, it should be all-of-state same as VEA Buddy is not yet commercially available. I would perhaps start there but this pretty watch is currently nothing more than a project submitted on IndieGoGo, a project that also requires no less than $ 320,000 to go into production. The updates also start at $ 99 and know that if you decide to invest, then you will receive a Buddy VEA black somewhere in June 2013. Casually, it may be worth it.

For indeed, the VEA Buddy no shortage of charm. Everyone is not necessarily a fan of the design but it combines all-in itself a great number of advantages and it would be a shame to miss. And the really nice thing with this watch is that it is capable of doing many things. It allows you to obviously see your call log, your email or SMS received, but it does not stop there because also incorporates social modules that you provide an opportunity to connect to your Twitter or your Facebook.

If you wish, you can also make calls from the watch (attention, since it does not include a microphone, you will need to have your hands free to leave your mobile or your handheld to make it work ) and even displayed on the touch screen of 2 inches the instructions of your GPS. Very useful for those who go hiking or have a little jog to decompress from their week. The multimedia features are not forgotten as long as the VEA Buddy will also allow you to control your music collection or view your photos.

In the end, we are left with a real digital Swiss Army knife that could make you a lot of services. And complete history of beauty, we can add that the watch was designed by a company ... Marseille! It's a little icing on the cake.

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