Facebook may soon launch a Find My Friends

Facebook already has an array of mobile applications, but the company is likely to add another string to his bow by launching a new tool running on the same principle as the Find My Friends by Apple. The social networking giant could thus focus on the location of its users to enable them to stay in touch more easily and it gets better as this new application could reach the market next month. Very interesting, especially for those who regularly cover events and wanting to share this great experience with their friends, family or office colleagues.

If you do not know yet, it may be recalled that the operation of Find My Friends is quite simple since it just displays a map of all the contacts of a user. In a few moments, it can know where their loved ones and even to track. This is very useful when you wish to join a group of friends in a corner of the province lost or when you want to follow the journey of a distant cousin, a lover of trekking and outdoor adventures.

Or precisely, according to Bloomberg, Facebook would propose the same thing to its users. It is still unclear details, obviously, but this application work on the same principle and therefore allow us to easily follow the peregrinations of our contacts. In addition, and according to the same sources, the U.S. firm could combine this new application with good old Facebook Places. Rather logical since it also plays on the field of geo-location.

After, of course, the big question we might ask is whether Facebook will think to set up options for us to ensure the privacy of our data. Because, well, if I have nothing against the fact that my girlfriend follow the trace, it is quite another of my contacts ... ahem ... professionals.

In any case, we can not fail to note that Facebook share a little in all directions at the moment. In the end, rather than launching dozens and dozens of mobile applications, the service would be better to develop a true mobile application to centralize all the features of these multiple tools.

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