Skype arrives on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft yesterday released a version not finalized its famous VoIP client on the latest version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

Like the versions specifically tailored to tablets and computers shipping Windows 8 , this application very clear and very well thought out use all the features of Windows Phone 8.

The application is indeed now able to run in the background without completely emptying the battery of your smartphone (which is significant), and, thanks to greater integration within the mobile OS.

It allows you to connect with the Microsoft account and send instant messages to contacts Messenger, a novelty necessarily awaited the announcement of the scheduled shutdown of the legendary Windows Live Messenger in the first quarter of 2013. During a call, the application can use the free chat mode or reduce the application or turn off the screen completely if necessary...

The Redmond company explained that it was a "draft" and that we should therefore not expect to have performance worthy of a final. If you're not afraid of bugs or slowdowns of any kind, the application is available for free on the Windows Phone Store.

Smartype a keyboard to type faster

The principle is simple but he was thinking. This new keyboard has a small LCD screen that displays what the user types, no need to make the incessant return with eyes. The Smartype was created by Keyview , an Israeli company.

The screen could also accommodate many applications such as weather or stream social networks . The Smartype is still reserved to Israel but is available for pre-order for the rest of the world. Its price is not yet indicated.

Windows Phone

Microsoft introduces its first commercial for Windows Phone , which will be broadcast on TV tonight: Invent the smartphone that suits you.

The media plan will generate more than one billion contacts from November 12 to:

  • A strong TV campaign of 9 weeks, starting on November 12 screens with a first spot marked "Discover the new Windows Phone", which will be followed by two other advertising copy featuring Florent Manaudou specifically and Cyril Lignac.
  • An online campaign (display, search and special operations) and press can work affinity with the target.
  • A poster campaign 4 × 3, digital and events to accompany the audience throughout the day.
  • 1400 screens deployed in railway stations, metro stations and shopping centers
  • 4 × 3 display in the largest stations in France
  • Microsoft Campus in Issy-les-Moulineaux dressed in the colors of the campaign in December

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