Pinch to Zoom no longer belongs to Apple

The U.S. agency responsible for the registration of patents invalidated the patent on the Apple Pinch to zoom. This decision could affect the American justice in the war between the Apple brand to Samsung.

This is a decision that could change the situation. The U.S. Patent Office invalidated the patent on the Pinch to zoom (pinch to zoom), introduced by Apple. As its name suggests, it allows you to enlarge or reduce an image by the pinch gesture with your fingers on the screen touch . The organization is justified by explaining that the patent was too vague so that we can make a patent.

But this intellectual property was particularly emphasized during the trial that pitted the river Apple brand to Samsung in the United States last August. This rebound could therefore influence the decisions of justice, since Samsung has been found guilty of patent infringement. As such, it will pay $ 1.05 billion in damages to its competitor.


The Korean manufacturer then forwarded the case to the U.S. Patent Office to Judge Lucy Koh in charge of the case between the two giants. Samsung hopes to be able to cancel the trial, or at least reduce the amount to be paid.

Recently, the judge rejected Apple's request to ban the sale in the United States 26 products from Samsung. This softens somewhat the verdict very favorable to Apple. The Korean manufacturer believes that American jury he was very hostile at the trial which was also accused Apple of patent infringement.

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