Nexus: Google to seeing you on October 29th

On October 29, Google invites you to the international press for an event that will take place in the heart of the Big Apple. It will discuss Android.

Last year, the Mountain View company launched the Galaxy Nexus in partnership with Samsung. 29, we should find one or more new smartphones Nexus range. Starting with a Nexus developed in partnership with LG. The South Korean manufacturer would build on the Optimus G. The Nexus LG would thus have a quad core, 2GB of RAM and a HD screen. Another Nexus produced by Sony could also be unveiled. And that's not all ...

As each new output terminals Nexus, Google could unveil the successor to Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean with Android 4.2 otherwise known as Key Lime Pie.

In fact, Google could benefit from event to lower the price of the Nexus 7 and offer $ 99 . It would, however, single-core CPU with a model (not quad core as the current model). We can also expect to see a 32GB version of the Nexus 7.

The end of October will be eventful as high tech October 26, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 and the surface. On October 29, an event centered around Windows Phone 8 is also provided. And closer still, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini Oct. 23.

Jelly Bean deployment on the Galaxy S III begins in the UK

These are Polish and Korean have benefited from the first update in Jelly Bean destination Galaxy S III (deployment was then interrupted for problems of discharge of the battery). And these are the subjects of his gracious majesty will now be able to feel the Bean on their Galaxy S III (God Save the bean) immediately after the deployment began in Sweden and some other European countries. In France, SFR has also started deploying yesterday.

Indeed, in his account Twitter @ ThreeUKSupport, the UK mobile operator Three has announced the deployment began today. Other operators in the country should follow in the coming days.

The update can be done OTA ( Over the Air ) after receiving a message on the terminal. It is advisable over WiFi rather than cellular network since the update weighs around 300 MB It can also be done via the Samsung Kies software companion by connecting the S III PC.

Finally, the updated Jelly Bean should arrive in other European countries by the end of the month. It is expected particularly in France for S III purchased without a subscription. The worst-off Americans are finally Samsung has since announced that it will be deployed overseas in the "coming months."

The update to Jelly Bean is accompanied by an updated interface Touchwiz. Among the new features, we note that the multi-screens allows you to multi-task with two windows are displayed simultaneously.

Windows 8: the official prices announced

Microsoft says precisely the options available to update future users of Windows 8 . The software publisher gives the suggested retail price. Offers limited to 5 licenses updated by the consumer.

To install the updated Windows 8 Pro, it is necessary to have a PC running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7. You will keep your personal data from Windows XP while your files, installed software and settings will be retained for Windows 7 (ditto for Vista but it will still re-install the software).

Several options are available to perform the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. It is already possible to pre-order pack update (as a DVD) to Windows 8 Pro. It will cost € 59.99 and you have to go through the Windows Store or from multiple Microsoft re-sellers such as Amazon etc. This is a promotional offer valid until 31/01/13.

As of October 26, it will be possible to download for € 29.99 through the update wizard Windows 8 . The promotion lasts until January 31, also.

Finally, if you want to update your PC running Windows 7 purchased between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013, a downloadable version of the update will be available at a price of € 14.99 at the launch of Windows 8 Oct. 26 , 2012.

Ubuntu: a mature

Canonical can not deny its origins. Previously reserved for people who already have computer literacy, the new version of Ubuntu confirms the commitment of the firm to provide Open Source operating system very easy to use. Prove as attractive as possible for the general public and businesses alike, that the stated objective of Ubuntu who wants to be a solid alternative to Windows & MacOSX.

Ubuntu for the general public

Today is the Canonical Book version 12.10 of its operating system subtitled Quantal Quetzal. And if you're familiar with Linux installations, forget the different images. iso with the installation CD, one for installation via USB stick, etc.. installed Ubuntu 12.10 operating system firmly in simplicity. Bonnefon For Maria, Market Director at Canonical, the Ubuntu version is somewhere between Windows and MacOSX, beautiful, ergonomic and stable. We find first a launcher application (which is furiously think Apple Dock) which allows access to very simply app and web app (Gmail, Facebook , Amazon, ...) most used.

The other new consumer is looking Dash which allows to find all documents that are on your hard disk or on a service like Google Cloud Drive. Cloud is also an axis developed on Quantal since Quetzal Cloud service called Ubuntu One allows you to keep your contacts, bookmarks, notes, music, and more generally files synchronized between your devices.

Ubuntu for business world

Ubuntu wants but also add a layer of security to the cloud in order to attract companies that are in the pharmaceutical, finance, healthcare, telecommunications and government, where data security is paramount. The firm is therefore considerable efforts to governments and education and has already managed to convert the National Gendarmerie (80,000 desktops on Ubuntu), and the National Assembly (where 1,500 jobs are under Ubuntu).

Besides, more and more manufacturers (such as Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, etc.). Selling machines with Ubuntu by rapidly increasing the number of computers running the free operating system. Ubuntu is today between 3 and 5% of the global market with 20 million machines with the goal of reaching 200 million in 4 years.

In short, Ubuntu wants to be more attractive to both the general public and for large companies with an operating system decidedly more simple, beautiful and stable.

Microsoft Surface is already out of stock

Microsoft Surface tablet is already out of stock in the United States, those who want to offer the tablet will have to wait three more weeks to get their hands on the entry-level model.

People who want to buy the 32GB model at $ 499 can read the message on the Microsoft website: "buy-here today and your shipment will arrive within three weeks." This is a real success for the tablet is available in pre-order since 24 hours.

It should be noted that this model does not have the keyboard cover "Touch Cover". 32GB models at $ 599 and the 64GB at $ 699 that have the "Touch Cover" are still available for pre-order. These two references are the most expensive available for delivery on October 26, when the official launch of Windows 8.

Google: The results fuitent, the title is suspended

The title of Google has been suspended due to an accident in the publication of results. These occurred 3 hours before the scheduled time. The penalty has been immediate.

Thursday evening, the title was sanctioned Google and implications have not been expected since the fall of 9% in the New York Stock Exchange. This decrease is due to the leakage of the company's results have been published three hours before the authorized marked "  Pending quote Larry  . " The Mountain View company has tried to put the blame on the printer RR Donneley. It would have transmitted the results of three e quarter with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) without permission. This error thus exacerbating the situation is already difficult since the company's results are not as expected. An increase of 19% over one year is observed for the turnover (11.3 billion dollars), this data still shows slow growth. A 20% reduction also affects quarterly earnings, Google has surprised the market with these results and this accident.

The Mountain View company must explain its poor results. They are due to the acquisition of Motorola has not brought positive since the manufacturer posted a loss of $ 527 million. This result is registered since the beginning of this year as Google, this fall so taints the Mountain View company. Advertising rates down as well as increased costs (71%) are also responsible. Successive reductions in accident and this printer has plunged the share of 10%. The expected benefit was 10.65 dollars, but the reality is different, as the title of Google showed 03.09 dollars. At 4:45 p.m. GMT, the situation is no better with a drop of 7.22%. The penalty falls immediately after the publication of results, the action displays 687.30 dollars.

On social networks , the web mock Google, a Twitter page "  Pending Larry  "has emerged.

If Google is taxed, the French media will no longer be referenced

Google threatens to no longer reference the French media in a letter to the government. The cause of this issue? The fee requested by newspaper publishers has led to the annoyance of the company.

In September, the French publishers wanted the search engines pay when using indirect content. This concept would be an extension of copyright. Specifically, when a user clicks on an item from the search engine, Google must pay a fee for each reading. The amount could be significant because you should know that Google reference nearly 4 billion clicks per month to publishers' pages. The group has sent a letter as he explains that Google   can not accept that the introduction of a similar right for referencing sites French press calls into question its very existence and would therefore be forced to no longer reference the French sites.

Google threat

Within the government, the Minister of Culture, AurĂ©lie Filippetti supports the introduction of a tax   Among the tools it seems important to develop, I think it is the idea of creating a right neighbor for publishers, what we called a few easy Lex Google, which seems highly relevant.  Google to another vision of the right neighbor, it considers that the text wishes simply   prohibit referencing unpaid. According to the group this Act  would result in limiting access to information to reduce the number of French sites referenced on the Internet, but also stifle innovation.

Google threatens therefore no longer reference the French media if the government validates this bill. The group believes that submitting the SEO compensation while punishing the   failure to pay it in three years' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros, will only multiply conflicts and slow Internet. The government will give there threats? AurĂ©lie Filippetti said the DGMIC (Directorate General of Media and Cultural Industries) working on the development of this bill.

iPad Mini, latest news

Here are the latest news and rumours gathered on the web about the iPad Mini. Since the announcement to the press Tuesday, October 16, the wildest rumours are started!
Supply Etrade example ensures possess some elements of the famous tablet and offers its informations. Size will almost 8 inches, 4:3 aspect. Its size will be 162 x 124 mm. Etrade Supply dismantled the machine and gives us more information crispy: the slab will be produced by LG, as stated in the text on the back of it, and the cable coming out of the screen indicates that the tablet will be compliant with other Apple hardware.

Regarding food, it is a mini Li-ion battery capacity of 16.7 watt per hour and 3.72 volts. The tablet fully realize one camera digital. Oddly, battery and camera are intertwined in the manufacturing , technical team Etrade failed to differentiate on.

For the moment, all the pictures on the net show a black tablet, but who knows if Apple brand does not diversify the colours for the launch .. The next information will be announced by Apple on October 23, which suggests a release by the end of the year.

Zoom on the Google Android event scheduled Oct. 29

Google will take place on 29 October an event dedicated to its Android operating system. This will be an opportunity for the brand to confirm whether or not various rumours about new products. These would include a range of devices Nexus expanding.

A new smartphone and a 32 GB version of the Nexus 7

Likely successor to the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus , the new Google smartphone Nexus 4 LG certainly appoint and resume the basics of Optimus G. Its screen would measure 4.7 inches, it would be equipped with a Qualcomm S4 SoC processor, a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. He then operate on Android 4.1.2 version which already Nexus tablet. The latter would also be part of the products featured in this event with a probable variation in 32GB (apparently sold 249 euros). This would allow Google to bring prices and storage capacities tablets stamped Amazon: Versions 8 and 16 GB could therefore see their prices drop significantly.

More mobile Nexus

This presentation of Google, which will take place the same day as the release of Windows 8 will also unveil new smartphones equipped with Android personalization settings. Indeed, different manufacturers using this operating system offers all customizable interface (TouchWiz Samsung or HTC Sense home for example). This allows brands to make their own choices while enabling them off via the menu. A new version of Android (4.2 or even 5.0) could then see the day while Sony branded phones and HTC could also be presented. And as it is written on the invitation of the event: The playground is open ...

Google Calendar on Android is finally accessible to all

Google Calendar application for Android has recently become available on the official Google Play. This essential application previously only available on certain devices such as the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Everyone, or almost, should be able to install and use right now.

Starting today, all devices that ship with Android 4.0.3 minimum, one of the last updates to Ice Cream Sandwich, may install and use the Google Calendar application. However, it is unfortunate that the older versions of the mobile system, such as Froyo and Gingerbread versions are still widespread, can not enjoy at all ...

The search giant also take this update to improve its application and again. Indeed, it is now possible to repeat an event reminder directly from the notification, send predefined or custom messages ("I'll be late") to all participants of the event since the notification but not only. But we must also note the appearance of the pinch to zoom function on the calendars (handy to see the details of events) and the ability to set a time zone.

Mobile apps developers can now display advertising on the mobile version of Facebook

The motive is strategic for everyone, but perhaps even more for Facebook : half of its users now connects to the network through its mobile social and Facebook needs to find reliable and diversified sources of monetization.

After a period of testing, Facebook announced yesterday the opening of its advertising program to all mobile developers. Specifically, as of this date, the developers of mobile applications for iOS and Android (but not the other ...) can buy advertising space on the timeline mobile network members.

Facebook says that tests conducted with a selection of PMD (Marketing Development Partners) gave similar results, with seemingly very encouraging for some clients a "reach" of 8 to 10 times higher in comparison with other ad formats paying mobile.

Advertising tools provided by Facebook offer features that developers and advertisers already have on the website, but also specific features to the mobile world. Users who click on these ads will be redirected to the App Store or Google Play to download the application for targeted advertising.

So that developers can evaluate the effectiveness of their banners, they will install the latest version of the SDK for Facebook iOS or Android, which will allow them to measure clicks and facilities within their campaigns.

Dear Facebook users smartphone, you can expect to see a little more sweep pub on your small screen. Facebook is free and always will be, but not at any price.

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