iPad Mini: launch imminent?

The rumor about a possible release of a iPad "mini" with a 7.85 inch screen continues to swell to the point that some observers it became a virtual certainty.

New leak this information are supplied, demonstrating that the transition from the loss of Steve Jobs Apple gradually loses its unique status house of secrets.

According to several sources that seem to overlap, the next iPad Mini resume some features of the iPhone 5, namely a shell made ​​of anodized aluminum and a connector that Lightning would become the de facto standard for new mobile products from Apple.

The photos, which have leaked, as usual, a Chinese manufacturer (you can definitely trust anyone over my poor lady) also show the presence of a slot for a NanoSim (the same as the iPhone 5) which proves therefore that the iPad Mini is compatible with 3G and 4G perhaps, that in itself is not really a surprise. However if this option is turned, the iPad Mini arise formidable competitor in the tablet Nexus 7 Google / Asus, which despite all its qualities, is not equipped with 3G and WiFi only connects.

The iPad Mini would be made jointly in China at Foxconn, Apple partner history, and in Pegatron. Other reports indicate an additional assembly line in Brazil (where high-tech products are so expensive).

Launch in 10 days?

The iPad Mini could be announced and launched in the month of October, even for the most optimistic in the next 10 days.

Although it should again be very careful with what is currently a set of rumors, this time there is too much information for corroborating this is only the wind. One thing is certain: the iPad, which already almost completely monopolizes the market shelves, may well kill him permanently if he is also the segment of 7 inches, which seems the one on which consumers will go, and still left a glimmer of hope in the competition.

HTC One X +: Tegra 3, 64 GB and Jelly Bean for 649 €

HTC has decided to make changes to its flagship range One. This is reflected by the One X + officially unveiled today by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The One X + also integrates the SoC Tegra 3 has a quad core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz against 1.5 GHz for the X One . This is the version of AP37 Tegra 3 can be clocked at such a frequency.

Still no microSD slot with this model, however, with 64 GB of internal flash memory.

Finally, HTC has revised upwards the battery capacity model with a 2100 mAh 1800 mAh cons for X. One It aligns it with the Galaxy S III is also equipped with a 2100 mAh battery.

Finally, it is Jelly Bean and Sense 4 + that are pre-installed on the new terminal Taiwan.

HTC One X + is available in France since the end of October at a price of € 649 and South Asia starting in November 2012.

A light facelift that allows HTC One X + hold a candle to the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG optimus G, Samsung Galaxy Tab II and another iPhone 5. But above all, with 64 GB of internal memory, its value for money is appealing.

The owners of X One and One S are not forgotten as HTC announced that the deployment of the update Jeally Bean with Sense 4 + is expected to begin in October.

Google near acquisition Viewdle Specialized in Facial Recognition

Google continues its shopping sector companies specializing in facial recognition and augmented reality. In 2006, the Mountain View company and had acquired Neven Vision, a company which she then used the technology in Picasa. In 2011, Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition is who came into the hands of Google. Its facial recognition technology was then implemented in Android for the functionality of unlocking the screen.

It is now of interest Viewdle Google. Negotiations have started more than a year with Motorola Mobility. They then resumed when the manufacturer of smartphones came into the fold of Google.

No statement was made by the group co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But sources close to the case believe that Google would be willing to pay between 30 and 45 million.

Viewdle has developed an app that allows you to automatically tag friends Facebook in the photos. But the company Mark Zuckerberg has since acquired Face.com, which also has an app similar with Photo Tagger. The Ukrainian startup relies on technology that exceeds also the Facial Recognition with movements as well as a technology embedded in augmented reality.

Difficult to know what Google will ├ęchaffauder likely as plans with this acquisition. Perhaps he will integrate features developed by Viewdle in Google+, Picasa or Android. source )

Google Streetview Underwater, or how Google set out to conquer the oceans

Article written by Philippe Romano, telecom engineer and co-founder of the site www.shoppingadventure.fr , which aims to reference all the products available in shops.

While Apple fails (or at least barely) to replace Google Maps with its own mapping tool on iOS6 Plans, Google has the luxury to expand its Google Streetview tool for seabed.

This initiative, recently announced on his blog called Google Streetview underwater is based on photos of the project Seavew Catlin Survey.

Launched by the insurance group Catlin, Catlin Survey Seavew trying to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on the ocean. Its teams of divers photographers reproduce 360 ​​degree views of the most beautiful spots on the planet with their camera SVII. They will testify in the future damage caused by man on this fragile ecosystem.

A Feat Based on a Camera

The feat achieved by Catlin Survey Seaview lies in the technology of the camera used only two models exist around the world.

360 degree images are taken every 3 seconds at a speed of 4km / h. Each captured image is associated with a camera direction and location to allow tracking of changes over time. The information retrieval is done directly from the shelf.

The SVII is an evolution of the SVI, the first prototype was designed and built in less than three months. To achieve a result as fast, the team assembled three cameras Canon 5D whose images combine to form a 360 degree. These instruments were attached to a rod motorized controls to allow their operators, all powered by a propeller for a point total of only 65 kg One person enough to steer the aircraft.

Sites Visible

Not content to explore the streets of all countries, users can now dive into the ocean and become true Cousteau grass. Six landmarks are now available: Heron Island (France), Lady Elliot (Australia), Apo (Philippines), Wilson and Molokini Crater (Hawaii) and Hanauma Bay (Hawaii). In September 2012, two expeditions occupy significant sites to visit 20 of the famous Barrier Reef.

After the Amazon and museums, so Google continues scanning the world and offers the general public which was previously available only seasoned explorers.

YouTube client for iPad that changes the World

At a time when all eyes are on the blunders committed by Apple Plans, you almost forget the abandonment of the native YouTube app on iOS. Absence filled by Google which will be shown particularly responsive in deploying application "official" YouTube even before the arrival of iOS 6. To everyone's surprise, the app was not thought to support both the iPhone and iPad . A shame when you realize she wears the same structure as the Gmail app, but that is not the point.

A launch window is streamlined, and Jasmine appeared. Designed and developed by a single man, Jason Morrissey , Jasmine just change the game on iPad in responding to a real need.

Featuring a presentation as a headband, Jasmine is not surprising given its shape and yet, after several minutes of use, the app surprising due to its accessibility. Grip combined with immediate visual comfort that few applications can boast. Beyond a great job on the ergonomics of its app, Jason did not do things by half by implementing our favorites, playlists or our our subscriptions. Access videos buzzent or otherwise find content by keywords has never been easier.

I assume that is a good app app finished in every detail. Jasmine enjoys special care that is immediately felt. One example among many others, the background color. Nothing transcendent you say but it is possible to immerse the app in the dark for comfort for any other. The visual is altered in any way and win even clarity in my opinion.

Jasmine is unquestionably the customer to have YouTube on iPad. free , it is also available on iPhone. Be careful though, only devices running iOS 6 are concerned. Also note that Pro version (in-app purchase for € 1.59) is the party giving access to parental controls ...

You know what you have to do.
Download >> iPhone / iPad app Jasmine

About mobile applications Lemon Squeezer

It seems that the Web is to die , or at any rate, in other words, he is inexorably nibble mobile applications, recent sway over the mobile websites. You follow? Bon.

If you read regularly Lemon Squeezer you know that this subject is one of the favorite themes, the mobile Internet is just my hobby, and from there, namely the early 2000s, with Handspring and Palm and PocketPC / Windows Mobile. In short, although it was a bit more tedious, we have a number not to have waited for the iPhone to surf the internet from our phone or PDA (at the time it was also said PDAphone, haha).

The shoemaker worst shod, you know. This is the case of a little lemon squeezer and its mobile applications : either on iPhone or Android, it is recognized that the apps Lemon Squeezer, yet among the first to blog (2009), start dating a little or to be obsolete because very limited in their functions - even if most of being able to access news quickly and simply - is: no comments, no headings, no search engine, the basic brief.

It happened three years ago, but mobile users have become increasingly expert and demanding, and do not just this type of application. I see it frequently in receiving comments and feedback telling me that the application is buggy and it is too limited. I am perfectly aware of this, and it will change.

With Kreactive , Lyon agency I work with these applications, so we decided to take the bull by the horns and launched a redesign of iPhone apps and Android Lemon Squeezer. More than redesigning elsewhere radically new versions, since we leave a blank. These new versions offer a new interface and many features mostly absent today.

This will be one of the priority projects this fall. We have not yet set a deadline because we are only at the very beginning of the project (list of essential features) but we hope to leave before the end of the year, depending on the availability of the agency, very busy at the moment.

If you have any feature ideas or suggestions are always welcome, if they are interesting and feasible, we integrate. Regarding Windows Phone and Windows 8 , it should also come after.

In the meantime, the current versions are of course still available:

  • download the iPhone app Lemon Squeezer
  • Android application download Lemon Squeezer
  • download the application Press-citon Android Tablet

  • Giftiz, social gaming platform on Android

    Good games on Android are sometimes difficult to find and not necessarily put forward, I experienced a few weeks ago when I was looking and interesting free games to install on my tablet Nexus 7 .

    Giftiz is a new Android app that allows not only to discover and play games that are worth a look, but also to win real gifts.

    Each player has his own experience points and level, you can earn points by performing simple actions to get levels. In fact, players are encouraged to download games to achieve a specific mission to earn points.

    And players who purchase a paid application or make purchases within an application part of the partners are rewarded with Giftiz. This virtual currency can spin the wheel when you have reached the right level to win prizes. That said, it is also possible to win every day by playing a mini game

    Among the games partners, there Tip-Off Basketball which has millions of downloads to its credit and Jazz Trump's Journey simply hundreds of thousands of downloads. Not to mention the partners involved in the launch: Bulkypix, Boostr, Eggball, IOPixel, G-Xo Game, The Pixelizers, Naoplay, Underwater Labs ...

    Gifts are quite attractive: checks Amazon, Amazon Kindle and iPod Shuffle, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 7 and Nexus Galaxy S3, etc..

    This beautiful application that you must Etienne Rugeri and Jonathan Ferrebeuf adds discovery and gamification in mobile gaming, with gifts for the lucky ones.

    Google's market capitalization surpassed that of Microsoft

    Originally known for its search engine, the company co-directed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has surpassed Microsoft on Wall Street. Yesterday, Google stock has increased by 0.96% to settle at 761.78 dollars, while Microsoft's share price fell 0.91% to 29.49 dollars at auction.

    Nasdaq, the market capitalization of Google is now 249.13 billion against $ 247.3 miliards dollars for the Redmond company.

    Difficult to draw definitive conclusions as market volatility is such that the trend could well be reversed quickly. Reflected in the evolution of Microsoft stock during the last twelve years. Thus, if the value of Microsoft was $ 430 billion in July 2000, she collapsed to 135 billion in March 2009 before returning to color the past three years. The company led by Steve Ballmer remains largely dominating PC 92% of the world's computers run on a version of Windows.

    Note however that the two biggest companies in the high tech sector are Apple ($ 618 billion) and Google. However, iOS and Android, their respective mobile OS have the two largest market share in this sector. "  Android and iOS to Windows  "symbol so strong but this could change over time. On the one hand, Microsoft with Windows Phone 8 intends to cut back on the market share of iOS and Android, and other society tends to diversify its business with manufacturing (Xbox 360 in 2006 and soon tablets surface the end of the month).

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