Huawei Ascend G615, a Quad-Core HD display with a 4.5"

The new terminal of the Chinese manufacturer will certainly appeal to many of you because it is a smartphone with 4.5-inch high-definition.

More precisely, Huawei G615 comes forward with a touch screen IPS-LCD 4.5-inch HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels) with about 330 pixels per inch, quad-core architecture Hisilicon Technologies K3V2 clocked at 1.4 GHz and 1 GB of memory (RAM). There is also a front camera 1.3 megapixel camera and a picture of 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and the ability to record video in Full HD 1080p.

It also offers Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G (up to 21Mbps in reception), 8 GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot dedicated to, compatibility with Dolby Digital Plus audio technology as well as a battery of 2150 mAh and the version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Its dimensions are 134 x 67.5 x 10.5 mm with a total weight of 145 grams (battery included).

Getting started with the Sony Xperia Tablet by TheVerge Z

The American TheVerge went to Japan to take over the latest Sony Tablet Xperia Z . The latter features a design similar to the Xperia Z and a record thickness: 6.9 mm to only 495 grams.

The Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo introduced this tablet yesterday at a great "show" where many other devices were presented . Sony Xperia Tablet Z is positioned to face the Nexus 10 with a screen similar size but a lower screen resolution 10.1 inch 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD). Model 4G (LTE) will be sold in Japan, so we can expect a formalization for the European market by the Mobile World Congress (end of February). 

TheVerge was "reasonably impressed" with this tablet after handling a few minutes. You can find some pictures of the tablet more.

Small element we had not noticed until now: the back of the tablet seems unlike plastic Xperia Z which has a glass back. If the presence of a non-glass back is a good thing to prevent scratches, fingerprints and the case, the plastic used does not seem to achieve a high-quality printing even though it seems pleasant to the touch.

Be released in Japan in spring 2013. Sony has already released three Android tablets before the Tablet Xperia Z. The first two were called Sony Tablet S and P, while the last output in 2012 was called the Tablet S.

Motorola Phone X: a price and launch date?

Remember, on December 22 announced a rumor motorola Phone X and X Tablet. A new source announce a price and launch date of the famous X by Motorola Phone.

The successor to the Nexus 4 already seems inscribed: the X Phone. Although the first rumor that is not a Nexus, its description is a "perfect Nexus." Indeed, it will be X Phone by Motorola Mobility and Google, it will be announced at Google I / O (high mass dedicated to developers) and marketing would be held in July on Play Store. Finally, the advertised price is 300 dollars (240 euros) with a subscription. 

Motorola would seem to re-adjust the policy with the Droid (Milestone) at the time of launching a smartphone with a basic version of Android (Key Lime Pie or else time will tell). As usual, this information should be taken with huge pincers. Motorola Mobility was absent from CES, it may well be that they are preparing new products, however, any source "reliable" has confirmed the existence of product "X".

Anyway, the rumor around X Phone not bury the Nexus but perhaps confirms the orientation of manufacturers to a variety of mobile devices in stock version.

NEC Medias W: the "dual-screen" smartphone

Do you remember the concept of tablet Sony Xperia P? This tablet incorporated two screens can be closed like a book. NEC and NTT DoCoMo recently presented the Nec Medias W: an Android smartphone with two screens. 

When this smartphone is folded, the Media W looks like a classic sights. Nevertheless its "thickness" hides a second screen. Once unfolded, the NEC Medias W can be used as a small tablet - like a Nintendo 3DS. You can run two applications simultaneously on both screens, to read your e-mails while navigating the browser instance.

This smartphone will come out as atypical NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Side "characteristics", do not expect surprises: a dual-core architecture clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB of RAM and a sensor Photo 8 megapixels. All with a screen that reaches 4.3 inches with a definition of 540 × 964.

Once the screen is unfolded, you have a mini tablet with a 5.6 inch screen with a light strip in the middle between the two screens. What you gain in screen size, you lose thickness as the product rises to 12.2 mm thick.

Technical features of the Xbox 720 in flight!

If this kind of rumors is always taken lightly, those that follow deserve yet to be given some credit.

Revealed by the site VGLeaks and times and cross-referenced with the information available to Eurogamer, the likely characteristics of the next Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango) are as follows. The heart of the console is an AMD processor with 8 eight cores clocked at 1.6 GHz and based on the architecture Jaguar. The latter was originally intended for quad-core machines but was doubled for next-gen consoles. This is the same processor as its competitor, the PS4 (codenamed Orbis).

Followed 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of "ESRAM." Operating in parallel, the two poles of memory should allow a max of 170 GB / s. Graphically, the next console Microsoft seem less powerful than Sony since it would leave on 18 computing units while the Radeon Xbox 720 does count as 12. The diagram (below) also mentions three modules, one of the goals is to compensate in software for this probable difference in power (1.23 teraflops for the Xbox 720 teraflops against 1.84 for the PS4).

On the characteristics most "basic" could count on a hard disk 500GB Sata 2.0 minimum and a 6X Blu-ray discs that supports double-layer 50 GB Ethernet port, USB 3.0 ports a Kinect connector and the presence of WiFi and WiFi Direct are also advanced.

Information to clearly conditional pending the official announcement of the two manufacturers, even if all this seems fairly plausible.

A Nintendo Direct tomorrow on Wii U

Another Nintendo Direct? Yes, Satoru Iwata should mention that this time is currently most lacking its new console: new games!

Released at 15h in Europe and Japan, the Nintendo Direct Wednesday should therefore focus on new games coming and the future direction of the Wii U. It is true that for the moment the catalog publisher is not busy and a big announcement would not only boost sales (indeed correct) of the console, but also to get away from the incessant rumors about the Xbox 720 and PS4. A little bit of Bayonetta 2? A new Zelda? The paris are open!

Mozilla unveils Firefox smartphone OS for developers

Mozilla has unveiled its smartphone development for programmers working on future mobile operating system OS Firefox. It is actually two models, Keon and Peak, whose performance and specifications are somewhat different.

A small smartphone stamped Mozilla Firefox, admit that it would have no mouth? I am certain that many geeks are ready to store their current racing machine to have the pleasure to wear such an object.

If you are a developer, however, it may be possible thing. Mozilla has unveiled its smartphone development for programmers working on future mobile operating system OS Firefox. It is actually two models, Keon and Peak, whose performance and specifications are somewhat different.

The Keon is a smartphone with a corresponding "entry level" if one refers to the current standard, ie a device with a touch screen 3.5-inch HVGA screen, a 3 megapixel camera sensor, with a 1GHz Snapdragon S1, 500MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, WiFi and 3G/3G connection.

Peak meanwhile boasts a 4.3-inch qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera sensor avc one plus one 2-megapixel front, and a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4.

Although these two devices do not revolutionize the market (this is not the goal), they recognize something very attractive in their livery borrowed bright red fox, and could quickly become a must-have for collectors. Maybe he will suffer the same fate as some concept cars to show, which became production cars under the pressure of public demand.

The application Bbox Tab is (finally) available on Android

Bouygues Telecom has announced the arrival of its application Bbox tab on Android tablets when it was available since the end of last December on iPad.

Each service provider (ISP) usually has his or her own applications to access the universe of TV's offer. As a recent subscriber to the Bbox Fibre Sensation, I must admit that this application particularly lacking on Android ... until now.

This application allows you to watch live TV on a number of channels to access the program guide and possibly add some reminders, schedule the recording of a program remotely access the offer VOD Bbox or use the application as a remote control (it can still be used if it is lost or not to wear hand ...).

The only prerequisite to install this application is to be customer Bbox and use one of the following tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab I, II, III, Samsung Galaxy 8.9, Asus Nexus 7, Archos 10.1, Acer Iconia A510 and Motorola Xoom. Other tablets will be added later.

Note that the pay channels such as Canal + Sport and Eurosport are not yet available and it is not yet possible to read the recordings made in the application but the operator plans to add these features in the middle or end year.

The New York Police launches its iPhone application

The New York Police Department has launched its iPhone application. Program, videos, wanted criminals, news live crimes in the Big Apple, and the ability to report a crime.

Damn but of course! What's more mobile, location-based and (anti) social crime? Riding the wave SoLoMo, the NYPD (New York Police Department) has published its application iPhone.

To accompany the police mission to "improve the quality of life in New York," the free application is a concentrate of all the services one would expect of a police squad, with the addition of funny a little sensationalist features that do not seem really necessary and seem more designed to make the buzz, like "Crime Videos", extracted mostly images of surveillance cameras on which there is finally no big thing, or under the inevitable "Wanted" smelling the western European levels for us with good sheets Lucky Luke.

However, the app can be very useful for signaling and quietly live a package that would take place before your eyes: under innocently named "Submit Tip" (submit something), the citizen may declare mop in Manhattan crime by providing the description of the suspect and the scene, the vehicle used, and even attach a photo to alert the police.

Another section, "Breaking News", real-time list of crimes, offenses and whatnot from the public highway (fires, accidents ...) that will allow New Yorkers to have confirmation that the Big Apple is definitely one funky town.

The NYPD is nice because even thought to tourists: the application is available on all App Stores, and not just on the U.S. App Store.

Smartphone Nexus 4 Google: shortage or poor forecasts calculated?

Nexus 4, the latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store the day of its release. What exactly are the reasons for this stock so fast?

As the community of geeks or just Google fans already know, the Nexus 4, latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store on the day of its release. Although recently denied by the Director of the Division at LG Mobile France Cathy Robin, an analysis  published on the development forum deemed xda-developers  estimated that 400,000 mobile devices were sold to the fullest. Within two months after the first wave, the WallStreet Journal announces X-phone on which Google and Motorola will work together. Google tributary data on the web and it is important to correctly decipher.

Who has not heard of the Nexus 4?

All the people who keep abreast of current digital were unable to miss declarations Google. Last October, while respecting geek has heard of the new Google Phone which would be manufactured by LG and tablets that accompany it. In addition to its characteristics approaching the high end phones and innovations such as Google Now or photosphere, which most attention is its price: 300 euros for the 8GB version! The sale is announced on the  Play Store, which states that the terminal will be available shortly. Never mind, all the fans were waiting impatiently output and almost all missed the boat because the velocity of stocks. He was quickly even for Nexus tablet Nexus 7 and 10 respectively manufactured by Asus and Samsung. There was also a second wave replenishment which almost went unnoticed on the web.

Where are we today?

He spent several things quite interesting since the shortage:
  • The first is the Google leak its responsibilities in its calculation of sales forecasts, but also a top executive of Google UK accused LG deliveries that were only "rare and irregular."
  • Two weeks later, just before Christmas, the WallStreet Journal suggests that Google and Motorola would work together on the future called Google Phone X-Phone.
  • And finally, on Wednesday, LG denies About Google problem and ensures that no production is reported. From these facts it is possible to draw some hypotheses.

Nexus 4 was only available on the Play Store the day of its release. In France, you can now find that the SFR offers € 629, double the price displayed on the Google platform. Why then such a buzz for a phone produced only 400,000 copies, and therefore the LICO sell it at this price? In view of the characteristics, some are tempted to say that Google did not make a profit on the terminal, or even sold it at a loss about once again denied by Cathy Robin. It is true that the price was well below the competition and limit stock is troubling. It is therefore possible that Google has created a desire to offer a pure Google device on a plateau fans thirsty for Android.

What is the X-Phone?

Remember that Google acquired Motorola in 2011 to $ 12.5 billion. And the X-phone, Google could control all components related to the sale of mobile handsets, from production to final delivery to the customer, as is Apple with its iPhone for example. Article published on WallStreet Journal suggests large advances on future X-Phone, such as flexible display and a panoramic camera with autofocus. With the craze around the Nexus 4 and awaited the arrival of a smartphone "pure Google," the Mountain View company may be trying to bring out his own "revolution."

Another possible hypothesis among the avalanche of available analyzes canvas is known that Google has used its clients operations often calculated and successful, it is hardly conceivable that a huge mistake on their part as had been possible. Although the associated marketing campaign is not comparable, their prejudices were much lower than pre-orders of the iPhone 5, which exceeded 2 million. In addition, Cathy Robin statements lead to a simple error estimation because Google has made ​​its calculations based on previous sales of its Nexus. Google would have had a vision problem, and would perhaps be better to focus more on the glasses of the future.

SimilarWeb, an alternative to Alexa?

SimilarWeb is a web service that allows you to measure different data traffic of a website and comparing them with other sites. The service is free and is presented as an alternative to Alexa.

For those who have always been allergic to Alexa and regret the loss of Google Trends for Websites, here is a welcome alternative, recently launched by Israeli publisher already behind SimilarSites.

SimilarWeb, an indicator of self-proclaimed "Web Traffic Intelligence" is a service that allows you to measure various metrics of a website as the highest in the world, the country in which it is the most visited, but also the main sources of traffic category, referent, by type of site (search engine, social network ...) and many other parameters.

The service also provides a list of similar sites extracted from its other services mentioned above and in the world (Global Rank). It is also possible to make a comparative research by entering the url of another site or choosing from the suggested list to see who is the most baleze.

The data on which the service is based are those collected through several millions of users who installed the extension SimilarSites in their browser over the past four years.

If I compare the data with those provided by SimilarWeb Google Analytics, the results are not really relevant in any case not all. Traffic from search engines is such overrated compared to reality, while the number of page views per visitor is rather below the truth.

The service is currently free, but a paid version with more options will be available soon.

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