The New York Police launches its iPhone application

The New York Police Department has launched its iPhone application. Program, videos, wanted criminals, news live crimes in the Big Apple, and the ability to report a crime.

Damn but of course! What's more mobile, location-based and (anti) social crime? Riding the wave SoLoMo, the NYPD (New York Police Department) has published its application iPhone.

To accompany the police mission to "improve the quality of life in New York," the free application is a concentrate of all the services one would expect of a police squad, with the addition of funny a little sensationalist features that do not seem really necessary and seem more designed to make the buzz, like "Crime Videos", extracted mostly images of surveillance cameras on which there is finally no big thing, or under the inevitable "Wanted" smelling the western European levels for us with good sheets Lucky Luke.

However, the app can be very useful for signaling and quietly live a package that would take place before your eyes: under innocently named "Submit Tip" (submit something), the citizen may declare mop in Manhattan crime by providing the description of the suspect and the scene, the vehicle used, and even attach a photo to alert the police.

Another section, "Breaking News", real-time list of crimes, offenses and whatnot from the public highway (fires, accidents ...) that will allow New Yorkers to have confirmation that the Big Apple is definitely one funky town.

The NYPD is nice because even thought to tourists: the application is available on all App Stores, and not just on the U.S. App Store.

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