The whole first iPod back in your browser html5

The first iPod was sold October 23, 2001. An eternity in the field of high tech so much so that the first portable Apple dinosaur figure made 11 years later.

INVENTIKA Solutions had the good idea to plunge into the past by "relive" the first iPod. To do this, it was developed in html5 and runs on any modern browser (which supports the html5 so).

For the record, it is October 23, 2001 Apple has launched, then it was the first iPod. Its 1.8-inch hard drive enabled him to offer 5 Gio storage user. It was not the first player in history, but it was quite innovative especially with the famous click wheel, iPod and emblematic of the first one is still on the iPod classic.

The site was developed in html5 and CSS allows you to use the iPod. It embeds a few songs but it's enough for this little moment of nostalgia.

Also an opportunity to recall some elements of the history of the iPod. The name refers to "foot" (pods in Greek) but also a small vessel (pod in English) that relates to a bigger one, the mother ship, so the Mac. This is the slogan "1000 songs in your pocket" that accompanied the release of the first iPod.

The product is very simple just like all Apple products. The user must provide the use instinctively. The click wheel is central to the operation even if it is surrounded by several buttons. In addition, the black and white screen only displays six lines are all options available to the user.

It'll just take a walk on the website INVENTIKA Solutions for small flashback. The touch interface of a smartphone or tablet is perfect for testing.

Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean: The update launched on October 9

Galaxy S3 will get the update Jelly Bean on October 9 according to the latest information from SamMobile. Today, some users, especially owners of Nexus, have the opportunity to already have version 4.1. However, everyone is not housed in the same boat.

When it comes to updates to the operating system, users of Android are thank you for device manufacturers and mobile operators. Currently, many people still use version 4.0 on their smartphone and are eagerly awaiting the upgrade to 4.1. Google has released figures on the use of different versions of Android systems:

  • 55.8% use Gingerbread
  • 23.7% using Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 12.9% have used Froyo
  • 1.8% use Jelly Bean

Samsung has made ​​a statement, Galaxy S3 users have the opportunity to benefit during the month of October this update to Jelly Bean. Korean launches the deployment of this version and it was Poland that was chosen to test first Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3 from October 9.

In France, it will have to wait a few days since the deployment began. For now, Samsung has not provided specific dates.

Nexus 7: A 32 GB version in the listings resellers

The Nexus 7 could make its appearance by the end of the year with a 32 GB After proposing the 8 and the 16 GB, consumers have the opportunity to have an even greater capacity.

This is a screenshot of a listing that ignites the canvas. The price is also highlighted, the Nexus 7 32GB $ 260 would be marketed. This price is quite close to that proposed for the 16 GB version is rumoured  the first deliveries would be launched on 24 October. Customers have the opportunity to buy at the end of the month or in November. This availability is positioned perfectly with the sale of the iPad mini to Apple . Google has the opportunity to compete with the Cupertino company with a larger capacity.

Indeed, the Apple tablet will be launched on October 17 if the latest information relayed by the Wall Street Journal is correct. The Nexus 7 was also the subject of rumor about another version at $ 99 by the end of the year. Manufacturers maximum out products before Christmas, they know that this is a good time to purchase.

Those of you who want to buy Google tablet should wait a few weeks. According to the screenshot, the price would be comparable between the 16 and 32 GB.

Which phones are the most toxic?

The toxicity of mobile phones has been observed rigorously by American ecologist association. It therefore proposed a study looking at 36 models available in the past 5 years.

Mobile phones are poisonous, but to different degrees. The Ecology Center at the origin of this survey estimated that users of these products in contact with their faces as they contain bromine, lead, mercury ... The environmental organization estimates that there are at least one product dangerous in a smartphone, but it can contain up to 40 elements sometimes pollutants. The researchers husked mobiles analyzing all the components using the method of X-ray fluorescence The director of this research, Jeff Gearhart said that   mobile phones are toxic chemicals and full of risk, but they are improving. Even the best phones of our study are holders of a chemical hazard. 

The iPhone 5 is less toxic than S3

The podium is composed of the Motorola Citrus, the iPhone 4s and the LG Remarq. Three other laptops are in the green zone, it is the Samsung Captivate, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Evergreen. The Galaxy S3 is the 9 th place. At the end of the ranking, it is possible to see that the iPhone 2G is the most toxic of the 36 models. The author of this research is glad to see that manufacturers are making efforts by offering healthy products. Regulations and controls have also been strengthened in Asia and Europe.

The organization also wants to sound the alarm, most laptops at the end of life ends at the recycling center. It therefore promotes pollution since the pollutants are released into the soil, air and groundwater. Jeff Gearhart concluded by stating that these   chemicals that cause birth defects, learning difficulties and other serious health problems were found in the soil at levels ten to one hundred times higher than normal recycling sites in China.

Apple Samsung lawsuit: A video summarizes the case in 97 seconds

The lawsuit between Samsung and Apple is known throughout the world. Both firms tend to attack on several continents brandishing the sign of a breach of one or more patents. After several months of battle, it is difficult to navigate. A video of 97 seconds to summarize the ins and outs which can be quite complex while evoking Google.

Minute MBA broadcasts its video platform on Vimeo. In each episode, it is possible to obtain an explanation or summary. They also attacked the euro in order to know if the money would be deleted. This new episode entitled "  Apple vs. Samsung and the Campaign Against Google  "offers the opportunity to see a little more clearly with diagrams. These are accelerated, with the aim of telling all in just 97 seconds. A sizeable bet since the case between the two firms is quite large and complex.

Gizmodo, which relays the video also informs us that this issue could take a new turn as Samsung attacks the president of the jury. This would have influenced the decision a few weeks ago leading Korean pay $ 1 billion in Cupertino.

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