App Store: the word "Memory" as soon withdrawn from certain applications

The publisher is specializing in games, toys, books and puzzles, wishes to withdraw from the App Store games containing the word "Memory" in the title. The company states own the rights to this word in 42 countries around the world (Europe, South Korea, Russia, South America ...).

Having noticed that many applications from the App Store use this word, the firm has contacted Apple to enforce its rights. According to the website, Apple asked developers offering an application containing the word "Memory" in the title to change lest their application removed from its store applications .

Apple should also prohibit other developers to use the word in the title of an application by the end of the year.

More than fifty applications would be affected, it should also be noted that although he has no rights of "Memory" in the United States, offering developers a single version of their application should also have to change the title of their application for that territory if it is present in a country where the word is removed.

JBL unveils the first docking connector iOS Lightning

Introduced with the iPhone 5, the Lightning connector 30 pins connector replaces the previously present on iOS devices. The myriad of docking stations developed with this dock is therefore invalid.

JBL is the first manufacturer to offer two docking stations for the latest generation iOS devices. However, the presence of a USB port also allows you to connect many other devices.

The JBL OnBeat Micro opts for mobility. Ultra-portable  it will find its place in a purse, briefcase or backpack. Designed to be transported, it also features a battery life / 5 hour batteries (with continuous playback). Lightning its connector allows it to accommodate the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 G and the latest iPod Nano.

Connected to the mains with the supplied adapter, it charges the iOS device connected via the port Lightning.

The OnBeat Micro works in conjunction with a companion application. It allows you to create custom playlists, volume control and easily find an album in the library.

JBL also thought a more homebody with dock OnBeat Venue LT. It integrates technology Harman TrueStream that optimizes performance sound when the enclosure is connected Bluetooth a smartphone and allows you to connect up to 8 devices BT.

Hidden behind the logo JBL Lightning connector is also present and can accommodate the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, iPad 4th generation, iPod Touch 5th generation iPod Nano and the last. The dock works with the application MusicFlow that prompts the user to create playlists and mixes, to adjust the volume, and easily find an album this library.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 coming from operators

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are available in France since November. Both smartphones offer innovative technologies while providing friendly design. Running Windows Phone 8, they are the flagship products of Nokia.

According to the director general of Nokia France, the company is happy to be able to offer, in conjunction with our business partners, new models Nokia users French since the beginning of November. Operators therefore propose two smartphones in their catalog, you should know that Phone House was the first to sell the 920 since October 30 (649.90 euros excluding subscriptions):
  • Orange: The Nokia Lumia 920 at the end of the week, the Nokia Lumia 820 in late November
  • Bouygues Telecom: Nokia Lumia 820 since this week
  • SFR: the Nokia Lumia 920 Coming Soon
Both Smartphones have real advantages. The Nokia Lumia 920 is positioned upmarket and is described as the most innovative on the market. The 820 is versatile, but it harmonizes   the performance of a high-end device with a compact design and elegant. This version will be available in France from November at a price of 499 euros against 649 euros for 920. Nokia company also offers a wide range of accessories that perfectly match the colours of Smartphones:
  • Purity By Monster Pro Helmet: 299 euros
  • Horizontal induction charger: 69.90 euros
  • Vertical induction charger: 79.90 euros
  • Charger with cushion: 89.90 euros
  • JBL Play UP: 189 euros
  • JBL Power Up: 389 euros
  • Shells with loads induction: 29.90 euros

Edjing, or how to become a DJ on Android

Edjing is a little mixer with a free virtual key social functions on your smartphone. The application was previously only available on iPhone and iPad today, but its appearance on Android.

With double platinum and many standards and gyroscopic effects, this application allows to get into the skin of a DJ using features such as preview, recording in high definition and the ability to share its mix of Twitter and Facebook. David Guetta had better keep ...

Edjing launched its iPhone application last March and has recorded more than 2 million downloads in just four months, while the French start-up is positioned as the first application of social mix since the release of its iPad version there are about three weeks.

I was actually quite skeptical about the use of such an application on a surface as small as a smartphone screen but after testing the Android app just before everybody, I must say that the result is quite positive. Even if sometimes have to restart twice to touch a button (such as the settings in the top centre), functions and effects are available.

Nexus 4: Stocks totally exhausted in a few hours

The Nexus 4 encounters a phenomenal success since the Google smartphone is already out of stock. The new model has widely attracted consumers who flocked to the store to buy the Nexus 4-299 euros.

Nexus 4 has made ​​a sensational debut in the field of smartphones. Only it was sold as the number of remaining models paraded at full speed. Do not try to go on Google Play, Nexus 4 is out of stock in 8GB and 16GB On the online store, there are no data on supply, you can only read "Retry soon." Designed by LG, the handset has the latest version of Android 4.2 and its price may also explain this craze. Nexus 4 is proposed € 299 (8GB) and 349 euros (16 GB). A rate that greatly attracted customers. The social network Google+, the Nexus team tells users"  There is so much interest in the new Nexus line that we have exhausted our initial stocks in several countries."

Visitors wishing to acquire the Nexus 4 must be patient. Smartphones on the market, the last unit of Google came face to iPhone 5 (679 euros excluding subscriptions) Galaxy S3 (around 500 euros without package) and the latest range of Nokia Lumia, the 920. The latter is considered the flagship of the manufacturer, it is sold 649 euros.

When Google enters the market with a Smartphone to 299 euros, eyes automatically turned to this device that has "a material at the forefront of the technological e "together" best of Google." If you want to buy the Nexus 4 must wait no current information regarding the replenishment is indicated at the store.

Concept: Curious, telephone articulated

The aptly named Curious does not just sound or vibrate as a notification, it literally twists. The phone will then adopt a more ergonomic and sends a clear message to his proprietary "Take me! ". Good feeling is a bit strange in the pocket, of course, this is only a concept.

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