App Store: the word "Memory" as soon withdrawn from certain applications

The publisher is specializing in games, toys, books and puzzles, wishes to withdraw from the App Store games containing the word "Memory" in the title. The company states own the rights to this word in 42 countries around the world (Europe, South Korea, Russia, South America ...).

Having noticed that many applications from the App Store use this word, the firm has contacted Apple to enforce its rights. According to the website, Apple asked developers offering an application containing the word "Memory" in the title to change lest their application removed from its store applications .

Apple should also prohibit other developers to use the word in the title of an application by the end of the year.

More than fifty applications would be affected, it should also be noted that although he has no rights of "Memory" in the United States, offering developers a single version of their application should also have to change the title of their application for that territory if it is present in a country where the word is removed.

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