Microsoft: To a Windows Jailbreak RT

Before the release of Windows 8, many game publishers have criticized the new OS. Valve or Blizzard blamed including the closure of the system. Indeed, as the App Store, developers must pass a series of steps before receiving their certification and appear on store applications from Microsoft, the Windows Store.

However, a security researcher named Clrokl states have found a way to bypass the lock established RT on Windows, the version of Windows 8 for ARM processor slot machines. It is then able to install applications that can run on ARM standard desktop.

Version tethered

To achieve this feat, the computer was able to change the option settings of the Secure Boot UEIF, using WinDbg debugging tool. For the moment, this process must be repeated each time you restart the tablet to work (version "tethered").
If this jailbreak manages to be simplified, it would be possible to see flourish applications not certified by Microsoft, as well as shopping alternatives as is the case on iOS.

Note that unlocking the device still can not install applications on x86. To benefit from programs in this format, it will still wait for the launch of Windows 8 tablets. Moreover, Microsoft plans to release the Pro version of Surface, Windows 8, on January 26th.

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