CES 2013: Nvidia announces the Tegra 4 and its handheld console

The graphics card manufacturer has announced its new generation of chips, Tegra 4, at the CES in Las Vegas. He took the opportunity to present the Project Shield, the first handheld console.

Nvidia gives La. During the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the manufacturer of chipsets and graphics cards unveiled its first portable game console and its new generation of System on a Ship (SoC) The Tegra 4.

The latter has four Cortex A15 CPU cores, 72 cores and GPU incorporate 4G LTE. Which provides 6 times more power than the Tegra 3 level visual processing, saving energy 45%. Nvidia even says that his system is the fastest mobile processor in the world. We can therefore expect to see many smartphones and tablets equipped with upscale such a chip this year.

Game streaming

Incidentally, the CEO of the firm, Jen-Hsun Huang introduced the first home console Nvidia dubbed Project Shield. It is a kind of joystick, with a 5-inch screen (1280 x 720 pixels). Hosted by Android 4.2, it has obviously Tegra 4 and a TV output HDMI. With its chip, the console will be able to read 4K video (high definition). A USB port, a microSD slot and a Wi-Fi antenna will complete the connection of the Project Shield.

Beyond its enticing features, Project Shield remains primarily a streaming platform games: Nvidia users get the most out of their PC games through the Tegra 4 of the console. Simply connect the Project Shield to his computer with a GeForce recently. Jen Hsun Huang was able to play the latest Need for Speed, installed on a computer, on the Project Shield.

For now, the manufacturer has not specified yet prices for new products that will arrive in spring 2013.

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