Wii U sells well, but not enough

If sales of Wii U "remains strong", according to the head of Nintendo, the Wii has done much better when it was released in 2006. We are still far from the 5.5 million consoles passed by next March.

Wii U does not sell so well as expected. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president acknowledged that sales of the console generation have not achieved the objectives of the firm.

"At the end of the Christmas period, contrary to what happened at the launch of the Wii, the U.S. stores still had consoles in stock. If they are not as good as during the boom of the Wii sales are not bad, and remain strong," admitted the boss of Nintendo Reuters.

Behind the Wii

He justified these mixed results in poor inventory management. For the release of the Wii U, Nintendo has indeed planning to sell two different models: a conventional pack with a white console and Premium model in black. "The stocks in the Premium version were not properly balanced, many people wanted it, but could not find it in stores," said Satoru Iwata.
To believe the statements boss of Nintendo, the Wii U will have difficulty achieving its goal of 5.5 million consoles sold by March 2013. According to figures from VGChartz, the console would be already past 2.45 million copies in the world, with 1.18 million overseas, 640,000 in Japan and 470,000 in Europe.

But remember that the Christmas focus much sales and they are fizzle out thereafter. For its part, the Wii had sold 5.84 million units in the year of its release, during the same period year-end.

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