Windows 8: Microsoft ensures that there will not be a 7-inch tablet

Apple has emerged as yet the iPad Mini

Apple had said that there would not, but still ended up launching the iPad Mini ( learn more ) last week. What will it take for Microsoft? Tami Reller , chief financial officer of Windows, said recently that no tablet Windows 8 will be manufactured at size 7 inches.

In an interview with "Wired Great Britain," the officer said that Microsoft and its partners are focused entirely on the shelves 10 inches, confirming that the production of tablets in a reduced format for Windows 8 is not part of the project development. According to his words, a thousand planes would be ready to launch Windows 8.

Graceful termination market share?

However, this discourse may be subject to change over time, either because of the need for a smaller size or the need to provide new equipment at discounted prices. This would encourage consumers to integrate tablets into their daily lives.

If this choice tends to confirm why he graciously let Microsoft market share to its competitors? The battle is already fierce in the tablet market, Windows scrounge hope PDM on the shelves of large format.

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