Smartphone Nexus 4 Google: shortage or poor forecasts calculated?

Nexus 4, the latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store the day of its release. What exactly are the reasons for this stock so fast?

As the community of geeks or just Google fans already know, the Nexus 4, latest "Google Phone" manufactured by the South Korean LG, remained on sale less than twenty minutes on the Play Store on the day of its release. Although recently denied by the Director of the Division at LG Mobile France Cathy Robin, an analysis  published on the development forum deemed xda-developers  estimated that 400,000 mobile devices were sold to the fullest. Within two months after the first wave, the WallStreet Journal announces X-phone on which Google and Motorola will work together. Google tributary data on the web and it is important to correctly decipher.

Who has not heard of the Nexus 4?

All the people who keep abreast of current digital were unable to miss declarations Google. Last October, while respecting geek has heard of the new Google Phone which would be manufactured by LG and tablets that accompany it. In addition to its characteristics approaching the high end phones and innovations such as Google Now or photosphere, which most attention is its price: 300 euros for the 8GB version! The sale is announced on the  Play Store, which states that the terminal will be available shortly. Never mind, all the fans were waiting impatiently output and almost all missed the boat because the velocity of stocks. He was quickly even for Nexus tablet Nexus 7 and 10 respectively manufactured by Asus and Samsung. There was also a second wave replenishment which almost went unnoticed on the web.

Where are we today?

He spent several things quite interesting since the shortage:
  • The first is the Google leak its responsibilities in its calculation of sales forecasts, but also a top executive of Google UK accused LG deliveries that were only "rare and irregular."
  • Two weeks later, just before Christmas, the WallStreet Journal suggests that Google and Motorola would work together on the future called Google Phone X-Phone.
  • And finally, on Wednesday, LG denies About Google problem and ensures that no production is reported. From these facts it is possible to draw some hypotheses.

Nexus 4 was only available on the Play Store the day of its release. In France, you can now find that the SFR offers € 629, double the price displayed on the Google platform. Why then such a buzz for a phone produced only 400,000 copies, and therefore the LICO sell it at this price? In view of the characteristics, some are tempted to say that Google did not make a profit on the terminal, or even sold it at a loss about once again denied by Cathy Robin. It is true that the price was well below the competition and limit stock is troubling. It is therefore possible that Google has created a desire to offer a pure Google device on a plateau fans thirsty for Android.

What is the X-Phone?

Remember that Google acquired Motorola in 2011 to $ 12.5 billion. And the X-phone, Google could control all components related to the sale of mobile handsets, from production to final delivery to the customer, as is Apple with its iPhone for example. Article published on WallStreet Journal suggests large advances on future X-Phone, such as flexible display and a panoramic camera with autofocus. With the craze around the Nexus 4 and awaited the arrival of a smartphone "pure Google," the Mountain View company may be trying to bring out his own "revolution."

Another possible hypothesis among the avalanche of available analyzes canvas is known that Google has used its clients operations often calculated and successful, it is hardly conceivable that a huge mistake on their part as had been possible. Although the associated marketing campaign is not comparable, their prejudices were much lower than pre-orders of the iPhone 5, which exceeded 2 million. In addition, Cathy Robin statements lead to a simple error estimation because Google has made ​​its calculations based on previous sales of its Nexus. Google would have had a vision problem, and would perhaps be better to focus more on the glasses of the future.

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