$ 400 for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4?

This year marks a milestone in the history of video games. This is actually somewhere in the coming months that Microsoft and Sony will grace us with their new console, and therefore the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 ? Beautiful, of course, much more than these two consoles are expected for some years now. And this is probably what prompted experts Baird Equity Research to canvass during CES 2013 to get their hands on as much information as possible about these two devices. The survey has also been successful, it seems, because they are finally able to estimate the price of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. These should be sold around $ 350 / $ 400.

How can we estimate the selling price of two devices that have not yet been announced and we do not know ultimately not much? It is this question that came to me from reading the article published in Game Industry  and so there are chances that it haunts you too. In reality, it is quite simple because the representatives of Baird Equity Research enjoyed the last CES for snooping in all boxes working on the history of their area to pull the nose.

It is thanks to the information obtained through this that the firm in question is able to estimate the selling price of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. Based on its findings, therefore, they should be offered around $ 350 or $ 400 is a few dollars more than the Wii U Nintendo. There's more, since this is not the only information obtained by the firm. No, still after him and always according to his incredible proper investigation experts Miami, both consoles should also leave in the fall and ship components high-end, but also several novel technologies based voice control and "motion."

The thing you can remember, though, is that we should soon be fixed since these two consoles could, later, to be presented during E3 2013 and then in the month of June. Also, do not forget either that Sony will hold a special event next month dedicated to the PlayStation. In any event, and if the stars are mild, it is possible that we learn a little more about the PlayStation 4.

What is certain, in any case, is that if the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are really available around $ 350 / $ 400, then they may actually sell like hotcakes. Morality, friends, it's now or never to put money aside.

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