PlayStation 4: an announcement in May or June

The PlayStation 4 is obviously highly anticipated and if you're one of those who stalk the slightest rumor about the next-gen console from Sony, then the following may interest you. Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice this Sony Home Entertainment has indicated during an interview conducted during the CES 2013 that all persons working on the PlayStation 4 focused on the E3 2013, but an official announcement could also take place a little earlier, around the month of May. In any event and whether Hiroshi told the truth, then we should know everything about the PS4 before the summer holidays.

There is no doubt that the year 2013 will be a pivotal year for our friends gamers. After the Wii U at the end of last year, this is actually somewhere in the next few months that Sony and Microsoft should lift the veil on their new consoles, and therefore on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 . Or whatever their name, of course. Consoles should logically come on the market just before the holiday season but should nevertheless be formalized somewhere in the coming months.

PlayStation 4: presentation at E3 2012 or May 2013

The earlier logic, the most anticipated, it is obviously one of the E3. And for good reason, since this show is the largest event dedicated to video games. We can also remember that E3 2013 will take place from 11 to 13 June and all that these days may be particularly intense, especially if Microsoft and Sony decided to formalize their new consoles. However, what should be noted is that if Hiroshi spoke E3, it does not exclude the fact that the announcement could take place a little earlier:

"It's still a secret, but our friends at Sony PlayStation prepare. For the moment, I can only say that we focus on the E3, scheduled for June. This announcement could therefore take place by then, or even before, in May."

To quote the famous saying: PlayStation 4 is coming, and that's good because we started to get bored.

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