Pulse is now (a little more) in the social

Pulse is one of those applications that benefit from a strong image of mobile users and this is normal because it gives them a new way of consuming information. If we talk, it's not for nothing since the latter has just been updated and is now much more social with support for Facebook, to YouTube, to Tumblr or even Instagram. A new and very significant and should please all those who use it daily. Morality, Flipboard had better watch out!

To submit the application in a few words, Pulse works on the same principle as any RSS aggregator, except that the application benefits from its own catalog and an interface designed as an interactive magazine. All with a pretty nice looking interface and some interesting features. We think including sharing options that allow the user to quickly send any content on Twitter, Facebook or any contact with an email address.

But now, as Flipboard, Pulse not only to highlight the content of sites since the tool also benefits from a number of modules called "social". Date and before the update, so it was possible to integrate its Google Reader or even the Vimeo application and it was therefore decided to take a new step forward in integrating more modules. Clearly, Pulse will henceforth allow you to access your YouTube to your Tumblr, your Instagram to your Flickr or your Facebook without having to leave the application.

It is not the only novelty introduced by this update since the new Pulse also benefits from a new viewer for images and videos. The interface of the tool is now clearer and will therefore focus on principal, and therefore the media.

History finale, you can also specify that this update is for both iOS and Android. So whatever your terminal is running on one or the other because you can enjoy all these new features. And if you want to know more, the best thing is to go read the article published on the official blog of the application.

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