Video Phone OS Ubuntu

CES is that we could make a quick grip of the famous Ubuntu Phone OS. Canonical if we made ​​it clear that this version is still a beta, we also confirmed that this version will be available for download within a few weeks for the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, probably at the MWC where further announcements will be made.

Open source and promising OS that could land on some terminals before the end of the year, but this is the first manufacturer to make it!

Ubuntu Phone OS builds rather Windows Phone 8 as Android or iOS with ergonomics and a nicer interface based on touch and gestures. It is based on a Linux kernel and also works well with an ARM processor or an Intel Atom processor. Note also that the advantage of this mobile OS is that the developers have a SDK to develop native (C / C + +) or HTML5 applications, which can be both compatible mobile phone and the desktop version the OS, providing full compatibility and flexibility.

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