BlackBerry 10: new screenshots in with Twitter

Conference RIM fast approaching and it is therefore in a fortnight the Canadian manufacturer will formalize BlackBerry 10, probably making some happy way. It is precisely the latter that this article is intended as new platform catches fell into the claws of BB10 Believe , catch that allow us to know a little more about BBX but also and especially on its Client  Twitter ! And that, ultimately, it's still very nice because it may be very likely to go over our lives. So, if you want to see more, then you are very well fallen.

As you can see by taking a look at the pictures that accompany this article, the Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 will eventually be very close to that of other platforms. No big difference with Android or even iOS, so. So of course, critics will undoubtedly RIM probably not point to an index avenger firm in denouncing its lack of originality, but I finally found that it is very good news.

Why? Just because RIM and BlackBerry were lagging well behind in terms of ergonomics and interface. Like many people, I've had the opportunity to get their hands on a device of this type (a Bold 9700) and was ultimately one of the bullet points of the platform to me. Here, we finally found face to an interface that is a bit more road and it is still a good thing because it also means that mobile users will have no trouble getting used to this new platform.

In addition, and although do not catch this point forward, you should know that Twitter, like other social applications will be fully integrated  with BlackBerry 10. It will therefore be possible to find all references in our hub on board the platform and we can also easily share content with our various communities.

Oh and if that's not enough, remember that Phone Arena has published a snapshot of Voice Control of BlackBerry 10, Voice Control, which is a bit like a Siri-like developed by RIM.

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