iPhone 5: Apple Mobile has mixed success?

The iPhone 5 would it be the first smartphone from Apple mixed success? Sales would not live up to the Cupertino company. Apple has also asked its suppliers to reduce the amount of components.

The iPhone 5 will not meet the expected success. Atypical information was relayed by the Wall Street Journal. The quantities of components have been halved. Asian suppliers must reduce the production rate according to Nikkei, Japanese newspaper. One plant should produce Sharp screens latest iPhone has fallen by 40% the pace of work. Generally, such a decrease was observed a few weeks before the launch of a new model. The iPhone 4S has faced a decrease in sales as consumers book their budget for the release of the iPhone 5. This trend would not be in favor of Cupertino, which would display for the first time a loss of power. The latter comes in the middle of the life cycle of the Apple mobile stamped, however, his successor is not expected for several months. Many Internet users believe that the iPhone 5 would not be as successful as desired by Apple.

Tough competition

However, the iPhone 5 media had mobilized several weeks before its launch. The enthusiasm was so strong that the concepts and rumors flooded the canvas over the days. When the smartphone is released in September, five million models were sold in just three days of marketing. This trend points to a left so sales volume for this impressive new iPhone. In the end, the newspaper said, the excitement would soon come down as competition in this sector is much higher than previous years. Some preferred to move to the Galaxy range of Samsung or Nokia Lumia when the iPhone 5 has pointed the tip of his shell. Every week new rumors about future Internet invade Smartphones. They should revolutionize the field and consumers would therefore abandoned the iPhone 5 to buy other terminals.

Do not worry

Some analysts suggest that this decrease in production does not mean that the iPhone 5 is not required. According to Merrill Lynch, some parts were produced in excessive amounts, so Apple would end up with a larger stock than expected. The Cupertino company would have liked to slow down flow components in its possession. This information would not be alarming since Morgan Stanley estimated that several million iPhones will be sold in the coming months.

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