Facebook: The new network service is called Graph Search

Facebook expected to Menlo Park Press for an outstanding event. Zuckerberg wanted to make an announcement on Tuesday January 15. The visitors did not discover changes in operating conditions or a smartphone.

Facebook was the center of attention since the announcement of the famous social network. So everyone had their eyes on this presentation. The company Mark Zuckerberg could have a mobile or various products. In the end, the American press has discovered a search engine called internal Graph Search. This was designed to encourage users to conduct research on the social network using the traditional bar at the top of the pages. The user can obtain information about the profiles. These are available only if you are friends with the person. At this conference Mark Zuckerberg gave an example of using the Internet as will seek friends who live in Palo Alto and like Game of Thrones or what restaurants in Palo Alto where my friends are gone. Facebook is changing and expanding its content to gather new users and those who have kept a profile. Now the network reference more than one billion subscribers and Facebook wants to continue on this path.

Search friends

Facebook is now organized around three axes, namely the Timeline, the flow of news and Graph Search. It should enrich the user navigation as it can use different categories. You can then using the new features more easily find friends who are possibly your passions, your city, your knowledge ... This famous search engine is not exclusively dedicated to partnering with Facebook since the engine of Microsoft Bing was signed. As soon as Graph Search does not meet your needs, Bing arrives and offers his services.

A beta

Currently, Facebook has decided to launch a beta version where it is possible to register for this address, but some users have the opportunity to test the search engine. This can be very interesting especially in places such research. You will have the opportunity to go to a restaurant recommended by a friend. This operation thus establishes some confidence and you may be easier to point you in establishments tested by friends, not strangers. Facebook could he compete with Google? For now, it is perhaps too early to tell, but Mark Zuckerberg has plans to build a social network around a war machine.

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